Are Vision Boards New Age or Biblical?

TERRI: Is having a
dream, a vision, or even a vision
board, Biblical? TERRI: Hey, I’m Terri Savelle
Foy, your cheerleader of dreams. Thanks for doing the me.
I want to answer the question today. Are vision boards, new
age, or are they biblical? I also have a free gift for you.
At the end of the video, I am giving away my vision board book
to help answer your questions even more, but also to walk you
through making your own vision board step by step. And I’ll
share with you how to access that free book at the end. You
just pay the shipping to help me get it to your house. So that’s
my gift to you. But let’s get started. First is having a
dream, a vision, or even a vision board, Biblical? Well,
proverbs 29:18 says, where there is no vision, the people perish.
You know, God is saying that if you don’t have a dream, a goal,
a reason to get up in the morning, you’re perishing.
You’re just existing. You’re dying on the inside. So yes, God
wants you to have a vision before your eyes. Now, vision
boards, Vision Board parties, they’ve become popular, but the
majority don’t realize that God is the one who wants you to have
a vision and be clear on your vision. Now, second question is,
is writing your dreams and goals biblical? Well, the truth is
successful people write their dreams and goals. We know that
you know something powerful happens when you put pen to
paper. In fact, you know I love learning from successful people
and I was reading something by Suze Orman, you know the author
of New York Times bestselling book, the nine steps to
financial freedom. Well, she had a job at Merrill Lynch early in
her career. She said she was stricken with fear that she
wouldn’t be able to meet her sales quota for the company, so
she decided to put pen to paper and start writing her goals.
Suze said, I created what I wanted for myself first on
paper. She said every morning before she went to work, she
would write over and over and over again. I am young,
powerful, successful, producing at least $10,000 a month. She
claims that writing her goals replaced her fears of inadequacy
with endless possibility. And she has far surpassed that
target. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about the
professor that you know, Dr. David Cole at Virginia Tech who
did these research on successful people and writing their goals.
And he said 80% of the people he interviewed had no goals
whatsoever. 16% say they had some goals, but they’ve never
written them down. Three percent said they had written
goals at some point, but they didn’t know where they were. 1%
said they had goals. They write them down and they keep them
before their eyes. He said, do you know who the 1% were
millionaires and the clues these millionaires gave us. Number
one, I have dreams. Number two write them down. I don’t leave
them in my head. And then number three is that I keep them in
front of me. Well, I think a guy named Habakkuk was the first to
start the whole vision board thing. In fact listen to what he
said in God’s Word. It says in Habakkuk 2:2, and the
Lord answered me and said, write the
vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets
that everyone who passes by maybe able to read it easily
and quickly as he hastens by now. That sounds like a vision
board to me. I love the message translation. It says it like
this. It says, then God answer, write this right what you see.
Write it out in big block letters so we can be read on the
run. Then he says, this vision message is a witness pointing to
what’s coming. So God wants you to have a vision and keep it
clearly written before your eyes. Why? Because it keeps you
focused and when your vision is clear, your results will appear.
Let me just throw this out there. Three powerful Words that
Jesus used to defeat the devil. He would say it is written so
each time Satan came to try and tempt Jesus, Jesus came back at
him with it is written. Well. The reason I’m telling you that
is sometimes you will have no indication that your dream will
ever come to pass. All you have to do is point to your vision
board and say, I don’t know how this will ever happen, but I
have faith in the fact that it is written and be it unto me
according to my faith. In fact, I love this story about a young
man back in 1975 he came home from college and he was just
struggling with what do you want to do in life. Didn’t have any
clear direction. So he said he went to his mother’s, um, beauty
shop that she owned. He just hanging out killing time during
the summer. Well, a customer came in named Ruth. He’d seen
her there many times growing up. He said hi to her. She said hi
back. But she just kept staring at him. Finally she took the
hairdryer off and she said, somebody get me a pen and paper.
She wrote what she felt inside and this is what she wrote. It
said, you will speak to millions, you will travel the
world and make a positive difference. She handed the young
man the note and she said, young man, this is for you. She said,
God has something amazing in your future. Well, when he read
that something came alive on the inside of him, he’d put that
note in his wallet and when he was tempted to get discouraged
to give up on his dreams, he said he would get that note out
and things. No, somebody believes in me. Somebody
believes that God has a great plan for my life. Well today
Denzel Washington still carries that note around in his
wallet, one of the greatest actors and filmmakers of our
time. Well, he had faith in the fact that it is written.
Something powerful happens when you grab a pen and paper. So the
third question I want to address today is it the law of
attraction, biblical? Well, the business world caused it the law
of attraction. In other Words, whatever it gets in your mind
and stays there, you will eventually attracted in your
life. You know, they believe that your mind is like a magnet
and that it works positively and negatively. In other Words, if
you think nobody likes you, you’re going to attract nobody
liking you. If you think you will always struggle
financially, you will attract lack. You know the opposite is
true too. If you think God’s favor is on your life, you will
have doors of opportunity open for you that shot people, well,
they call it the law of attraction. God calls it
proverbs 23:7 do you know what it says? As a man thinks in
his heart? So is he. One translation says, so shall he
become? In other Words, what you think about, you bring about, do
you see this? See, the secular world takes a principle from
God’s Word and they rename it, but God is the one who gave us
all these success tips. They just don’t give him credit for
it. So when you think about achieving your goals, living
your dreams, see him with the eye of faith, you are paving the
way for it to become a reality because your life moves in the
direction of your most dominant thoughts. So law of attraction
is really proverbs 23:7 the fourth question are positive
affirmations, Biblical? Well, of course, successful people,
professional athletes, Olympians, celebrities, they
understand the power of making positive declarations. Over
yourself. Well, the truth is what’s coming out of your mouth
has everything to deal with what you’re experiencing. But many
don’t know that that also came from God’s Word. You know,
Romans 10:17 says, we serve a God who gives life to the dead
and he speaks of nonexistent things as if they exist. So your
Words are a tool to be used to help you reach your goals. So if
your dreams appear absolutely impossible and there is no
indication that things will ever change, don’t use your Words to
describe your life. Use your Words to change your life. See,
one of the greatest things you can do to see the images on your
vision board come to life and speak them out of your mouth.
Like literally you prophesy your future. So what I’m saying
is you have the ability to change the entire direction of
your life with the little thing under your nose. You know, I
wish I could teach you more on this principle because it is so
vital in achieving the dreams on your vision board. You know,
that’s why I want you to get my free book. But bottom line, how
you frame your Words will be how you frame your world. You cannot
speak negative Words and live a positive life, so I got to keep
moving. But the fifth question I want to address real quick is
will it just happen because I made a vision board? The answer
is no. In fact, in the Bible there were two blind men who
approached Jesus and they were asking him, you know, Jesus,
will you give us our sight? Well, I think it’s interesting
how Jesus put the responsibility back on them and he simply asked
them one powerful question. This is what he said. Do you believe
I’m able to do this? I think their response says it all and I
want you to notice that without hesitation, they replied, yes
Lord, think about that without questioning, without discussing,
without trying to figure out how this could happen, they just
believed. Then the Lord said in response to them, it shall be
done to you according to your faith. Wondering translation
says it this way, become what you believe or being in the you
according to your faith. You get what you can believe. Well, I
want you to think about that with your vision board. What do
you need to see on the inside before God can produce it on the
outside? Do you need to see yourself rising to the top of
the company singing before thousands of people paying off
your credit card, graduating from college, pastoring a
church, you know, hosting your own youtube channel or TV show.
Maybe it’s selling your first house or getting on the Scales
and weighing your ideal body weight, having a family, getting
married. See, having a vision board will show the Lord what
you can believe. It’s like a giant photograph of your faith
in God. And you know there’s a story in the Bible where you may
remember this, where four friends took their sick friend
to meet Jesus. And when they got there, they couldn’t get in and
it says, you know, the place was so crowded they couldn’t get in.
Well, they climbed on top of the house. They tore off the
shingles, they lowered their friend in front of Jesus. And
the Bible says, when Jesus saw their faith, he said, from your
sins are forgiven. And he healed the man. Well, your vision board
is showing Jesus your faith. Let Jesus see your faith. You know,
I wish I could teach you so much more about this. That’s why I’m
giving you this book. Absolutely free. Dream it, pin it, live it.
How to make vision boards work for you. Now all you have to do
is pay the shipping only just to help me get it to your house.
I’m paying for the printing you pay for this shipping. But I
want you to see the biblical viewpoint of getting clear on
your vision and keeping it before your eyes. This book is
full of God’s Word, supporting the steps to take to make the
vision board. And what do you do while you’re waiting for your
dreams and how to keep your faith strong and God’s ability
to do the impossible in your life. So all you got to do is go
to get your free book today. I know it’s going to
help you. And if you’ve never subscribed to the podcast,
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