Ariana Grande Focus MakeUp tutorial by Anastasiya Shpagina

Hello everybody! And I with Iris today! Generally he’s always with me but I want to show you how cool he is today! I was sitting and listening to music, then I found ears on my had. It’s not good. But I didn’t waste time , took foundation and use “magical poop” “Magical poop” quickly align tone! Then I took black shadows and started to draw my eyebrows. “Two pieces. Because the third would be unnecessary.”- I thought. After I applied foundation on the upper eyelid for the shadows aren’t pushed. It’s a satisfied face! I mixed two colours of shadows and applied on mobile eyelid. Then under the eyebrow. I shaded shadows with brush and drew arrows with liquid eyeliner. I painted eyelashes with mascara and understood that my arrows aren’t perfect and I drew them again. After I line lower and inner eyelid with black shadows. I highlighted them with pencil. I applied some shadows in the corner of my eye I thought that it’ll be better. And I was right. Bedaubed bruises under eyes with consiller. And I started to align the tone with powder. Then I understood that I’m veru pale and I should to add some tan with blusher. I applied them on cheekbones to remove cheeks and make a face more narrow, on forehead to remove pallor, on nose to make it some little. And under eyebrow to create an expressing look. I thought: ” Something is missing” – and took a lip pencil. I drew a new form and married circuit to make lips bigger. After I took a pomade and tint the lips with a pleasant shade. I mixed with a lighter pomade and understood, that it’s time for a wig. I fixed a wig with stealth and said with joy :” Make up is ready!” Thank you for watching this video. Subscribe my channel, follow me in instagram, VK. Don’t forget to like this video and write in comments who do you want to see in the next video. Have a nice day. Love and embrance. Bye!

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