As Seen On TV Product Test: The Smart Swab

weeklong we are testing out as seen on tv products chosen by you the viewer and today the product that you wanted us to try out is this smart swab and it promises to remove earwax simply and safely the question is does it work and should you even use this thing in your ears on this wellness Wednesday our dr. Frank McGeorge is here with his opinion on this product after putting the smart swab to the test believe it or not I’ve seen a lot of patients in the ER whose only problem is wax that’s becomes a nearly impenetrable wall to sound in their ear now the most common reason it’s become so impacted is that was actually pushed in as someone was trying to clean their ears with a cotton swab which is a bad idea for other reasons as well so the question is is the smart swab the answer the packaging says it all simply twist to grab and extract earwax the smart swab uses a handle about the size of a toothbrush or sharpie marker with a flexible cone-shaped tip that has spiral grooves in it similar to the threads of a screw the idea is that when you insert the flexible tip and twist the handle the grooves will engage wax in your ear and safely remove it because it’s cone-shaped it’s designed not to go too deep into your ear canal it sounds like a good idea but in practice I didn’t find it worked well it’s hard to get in and it just hurts maybe I just didn’t have much wax to get out and neither did my other tester but for any wax that it could reach Henry Ford Hospital ear nose throat specialist dr. he laughed erat says she wouldn’t expect it to be helpful anyway so when it’s coming closer to the ear canal opening all you have to do is use a washcloth to get it out you shouldn’t have to use this contraption to get that piece of wax out I would be really concerned about having an adult or a kid put this in their ear generally doctors don’t recommend sticking anything in the ear canal you see a lot of injuries and trauma using any type of device q-tips long fingernails paper clips most people’s wax does come out on its own all you have to do is after a bath or shower is to use a wet washcloth on the outside of your ear to wipe the excess wax out and if you do have a problem with build up mixing half hydrogen peroxide half water putting four or five drops into the ear that’s blocked letting it sit for about a minute and then repeating that maybe twice a day for ten days if you feel like it’s really blocked up also is this using vinegar white vinegar and water mixture is also very effective and a lot of people have that in their pantries if you have ongoing recurrent problems you should see a doctor to have the wax removed safely otherwise don’t let wax stress you out the wax itself is going to help us keep our ears clean and healthy and so the wax is there to protect us against infection so the verdict on the smart swab I certainly cannot recommend it it was not easy to use it didn’t seem to work well and honestly I don’t think it would make a difference for people who have a more serious wax problem because it’s just not designed to clear anything out but superficial wax back to you all right you heard it from the doctor don’t bother I know he said you know don’t be jamming a q-tip in your ear but I know the hydrogen vinegar things if you’re wondering there are other applicators though it’s not just that one cuz I thought sanitation wise it doesn’t sound like a good idea either coming up to me

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