Asian Lady hypnotize you with her eyes using hypnosis

so when I’m done with you you’re going
to be completely mine completely under my control even more than you already
are you won’t be able to resist any of my
instructions and you’re going to love being an obedient and I want you to look
deep into my eyes and listen to my voice as I take complete control of you and
make you mine you can’t look away it’s getting harder
every second to think for yourself your mind is becoming completely empty except
for my words and my instructions that’s right don’t look away from me good boy so Biddy and already my voice
is all that you can hear it’s becoming harder and harder to think
about anything else I’m going to count down from 10 and when I get to 1 you are
going to belong to me completely mind body and soul good boy I’m look into my eyes and feel the last
shreds of your own free will drain away 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 doesn’t it feel
good to belong to me hmm doesn’t it feel good to obey me oh you can think about is how much you
love obeying me don’t look away you’re completely powerless now you can’t do
anything on your own without my permission
isn’t that right even when I’m not here you’re going to belong to me
and you’re not going to want to do anything unless I tell you to you’re
completely mine now


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