Ask An Eye Doc: Are eyelash extensions safe?

– Hi everybody. My name is Doctor Arian
Fartash and you’re watching Ask an Eye Doc where I’m gonna answer all of your eye questions on social media. (exciting music) Krista asks “I’m thinking about
getting eyelash extensions. “Can they harm my eyes?” Eyelash extensions are so on trend. Step one, you wanna find a
trusted salon to get your eye extensions from. They’ll know not to put
the eyelashes on wrong because if they go
downward they can actually scratch your eyes. Step two, be careful with the glue. For real guys you wanna make
sure you’re not allergic to that glue. Because it can make your eyes
water a lot from the fumes. Step three, make sure you clean
your lashes very very well. Because you can end up
getting eye infections if not. Don’t let this scare you off
from getting eyelash extensions because they’re so fun! I love when I wake up in the
morning and I look oh so good without any make up on
because my eyes say it all. If you do experience any problems with your eyelash
extensions it’s a good idea to go see your local optometrist. I love answering all your questions. If you have any more #AskAnEyeDoc.

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