Ask An Eye Doc: Do lens coatings break down?

– Hi everybody, welcome to Ask an Eye Doc where I answer your
questions on social media. (upbeat music) Okay, so Fredrick asks, do
lens coatings or additions break down over time? Great question, I get this all the time. And the answer is yes. Coatings, just like
anything else in the world, has wear and tear and they’re
not gonna last forever. The cheaper it is, the
less time it’s gonna last. Usually the really cheap
ones last maybe a year. So if you’re planning on
getting a new pair of glasses each year, maybe it’s not a bad idea. But if you’re planning on keeping
those glasses for multiple years, I would definitely invest in a higher quality coating. So how do you know if your
coatings are breaking down? Well, you can actually see it. They will start to actually peel off and you can actually see
it kind of graze or crinkle on the front of the glasses. And if they’re really
old, they might even start flaking off of the front. And how ’bout those photochromatics? They might not darken as
much or they might even start to get a little yellow tint to them. So if you start seeing these
changes to your glasses, it’s probably time for a new pair. Thanks for watching, and
if you have any questions, just remember #AskAnEyeDoc. (upbeat music)


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