Ask An Eye Doc: How do I safely look directly at a solar eclipse?

– Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Moos,
and this is Ask an Eye Doc, where I answer your
questions on social media. (energized music) Jason asks us, “How do I
safely watch an eclipse?” Okay, Jason, so my
first piece of advice is stay inside and watch it on TV. You’re probably not gonna listen to me, and you’re gonna wanna go
outside anyways and watch it, so how do we do that
as safely as possible? One option is wearing a welding
mask or welding goggles, but make sure they’re rated number 14. Anything lower than that
could damage your eyes. An even better option would
be the eclipse sunglasses. You can find them online,
but just make sure that they’re labeled
with the ISO: 12312-2. You also want to make
sure the company’s name and their address is
printed on the glasses. That’s going to make sure
it’s not a counterfeit. There’s a lot of counterfeit
glasses that are out there, especially when you’re searching online, and you want to make sure that they’re not more
than three years old, and that they’re not ripped
or wrinkled or scratched. Make sure you pay attention
to those two things because you could really
hurt your eyes if you don’t. Okay, so a couple things
that you don’t want to do to look at the solar eclipse. One, you don’t wanna
use regular sunglasses. You don’t want to layer those sunglasses on top of each other. You don’t wanna use 3D glasses, and you don’t wanna look at
the sun with your naked eye. I hope you learned something today, and if you have any more
questions, just #AskAnEyeDoc.


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