Ask An Eye Doc: How do you clean lenses and keep glasses from fogging up?

– So Travis asks how do
you keep lenses clean and prevent glasses from fogging up? So let’s start with
daily routine cleaning. Run your glasses through cold water, then use a mild dish washing liquid soap, and to dry them make sure
you use the soft lens cloth. Don’t use your shirt, no matter
how soft that t-shirt is, don’t use harsh chemicals,
as they can break down the anti-reflective coating. Don’t spit on your glasses, that’s gross. And every once in a while
stop by your local optometrist and get your glasses deep
cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, which will get underneath those nose pads, you know those yellow, green nose pads. And why are your glasses fogging up? You must be hot. Not that kind of hot. Glasses will fog up if
there’s a sudden change in temperature, so you
want to make sure to adjust the glasses so they sit as far away from your face as possible,
you may want to go see your local optometrist,
and ask about anti-fog wipes or spray that may be helpful. Check out our other videos, #AskAnEyeDoc.

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