Ask An Eye Doc: What is AR coating and do I need it?

– Hi everybody, welcome to Ask an Eye Doc, where I answer your
questions on social media. (upbeat motivating music) Okay, so Patrick asks us,
“What is an AR coating, “and do I really need it?” AR coating is an anti-reflective coating. They’re applied to the
front of your glasses so you don’t get the reflections that bounce off the front and all of the light’s going to
be coming into your eyes. So it takes your regular vision that you’ll get with glasses to HD vision. Why is this important? It’s going to be giving your
sharper vision, number one, and number two, it’s gonna
look cosmetically way better because your friends aren’t gonna see themselves bouncing off the front of your
glasses and when you take that selfie, you’re not gonna get that big flash that bounces back. Your photos are gonna come out great. Thanks for watching and if you have any questions, just remember #AskAnEyeDoc. (upbeat motivating music)


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