Ask An Eye Doc: When am I old enough to go to the eye doctor?

– Hi, I’m Stephanie Kirschbaum,
and this is Ask An Eye Doc, and I’m here to answer your
questions on social media. (energetic music) – Hi, I’m Colton. I’m three years old. Why do you need glasses to see? – You know, people need glasses
to help them focus better. So their eyes might be too strong, or maybe not strong enough, and the glasses or contact
lenses help focus light perfectly on their retina. Just like when you focus a camera. You just want it to be
the most perfectly clear. – How come people have to wear
goggles underwater to see? – Hey Chloe, we wear goggles because it actually helps us see better. Our eyes need air to focus better. We can see underwater,
it just is not the same and if it’s sea water or chlorine, it really makes our eyes
sting, so it’s not as fun. – Hi, my name is Shawn,
I am six years old. How old do you have to be
to go to the eye doctor? – Hey Shawn, I’m really glad you asked. The first eye exam should actually be at seven to nine months,
which is unbelievable. Most people wouldn’t think that. But to bring the infant in,
the eye doctor can make sure that the eyes are developing on track. – Hi, my name is Hudson
and I’m six years old. My question is, what makes
people have different eye colors? – People have different eye colors from Mom and Dad and Grandparents. So it’s actually in the genes,
but it’s not just blue genes, and we get that from our
parents and their parents. That determines what color eyes we have. If you do have a question,
just #AskAnEyeDoc. (energetic guitar music)

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