Ask an Eye Doc: Why does my eye twitch?

Hi, I’m Dr. Masoud Nafey. This is Ask an Eye Doc, where I answer your eye questions on social media. Mic Wang asked, “Why does my eyelid twitch sometimes? Is there something to prevent this?” Mic Wang, this can happen from either lack of sleep… too much caffeine… or you’re just…you live a stressful life, man. You’re just stressed all the time. So my advice to you would be: Stop playing video games until 3:00 in the morning… drinking your energy drinks, and get some rest. And do your homework! That’d be nice. Sometimes you think it’s twitching a lot,
but others can’t really see what you feel. All right, that’s a wrap. I hope you
learned something today. If you have questions, just #AskAnEyeDoc. And I’ll see you next time.

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