Ask An Eye Doc: Will I still need glasses after cataract surgery?

– Hi everybody welcome to Ask An Eye Doc where I answer your
questions on social media. All right so Richard asks after cataract surgery do
eyes still change and need new prescriptions? Well Richard that’s a great question. Yes, your eyes still do
change and it’s kind of a birthday thing. As time goes on there’s gonna be changes. So what is a cataract? A cataract is when the lens
inside of your eye grows kind of like a tree trunk
and it keeps adding more and more layers. Eventually those layers
that are right in the middle they’re gonna get a little bit cloudy, kind of looking through a dirty window. So you’re going to need to see a surgeon to take that lens out and
put a new clean lens in. Most commonly they put in
lenses that allow you to see well for distance in which
case you would still need glasses for reading. So whether it’s before
cataract surgery or after you wanna make sure
that you’re going to get your annual exam with your eye doctor. Thanks for watching and
if you have any questions just remember hashtag AskAnEyeDoc.


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