ASMR👁️Can You See This? (Eye Exam)

welcome! Are you here for a vision test? Yes. That will be fine. Please stand in front I’ll tell you how Please cover one eye like this You can tell me what I’m pointing at Please stand there in line You can stand there. Please tell me if I point Please cover one eye. Please cover your right eye Yes, let’s get started From here Yes, I like it good good Please, say again Plane shape Number six You’re wrong 7 Is it right or left? You have a very bad eyesight. Let’s do a closer inspection Do you usually wear glasses? You don’t have good vision even if you wear glasses. Next, I’ll test color blindness If I show you, please guess the numbers. Number five Can you see it? You can’t see it well. Bad eyes Let’s do some more tests Please wait while wearing the equipment I wear it to examine it carefully Light comes out Use a magnifying glass to inspect carefully Open your eyes wide Look up Then down Please see below. From this to this Roll your eyeball Then blink your eyes Blinking, blinking, blinking Yes, I like it Please wait I’ll check closer. Does your eyes hurt? Do you see me well? Look down Then up There is no serious illness in the eyes Just poor eyesight This is our hospital glasses You Will wear this glasses and I’ll check your eyesight. I’ll start with the left eye this time This is a butterfly This is a fish Yes, I like it good. It’s okay to wear glasses. I’ll introduce the optician to the building next door I’ll give you eye drops because your eyes are dry. Use eye drops every time your eyes are dry like this Next It is good medicine for eyes breakfast lunch dinner It is a two-day medicine. Keep your eyes healthy Eating a lot of carrots is good for your eyes because it has a lot of vitamin A. And you have a lot of bad eyesight Look once far away. Then your eyes will improve Is there any inconvenience? If you go out here, there is an optician. Thank you


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