ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam

a hello my name is dr. ed and I shall be conducting your cranial nerve examination today it’s a very simple very straightforward procedure I shall be just testing for proper function of your nerves around your head area okay so I will be looking at your sight your peripheral vision your sense of smell your hearing touch around your face that kind of thing do you have any concerns in those areas you like to discuss with me possibly before we begin okay all right well let’s get started then if you can just sit very nice straight on the couch and pop your knees right in front of you facing me nice straight okay let me just thank you please okay on the side make sure you comfy ugly so the first test is very simple I’m now going to hold my fingers here and I would like you to look straight to the middle of my face mm-hmm just concentrate on the center of my face you should be able to see my fingers on either side to serve to the core of your eye and I’m going to move my fingers I’d like you to tell me which side which fingers you see moving okay look straight ahead the middle of my face good great excellent curtain okay perfect okay and now if you can watch my finger follow it around far away close do your nose on this side here [Music] good good No hang on minecraft no only because I’m going to look at your hearing and I shall be touching your face very slightly so what I’m going to do now is bring my hands close to your ears and I’m going to make very soft very gentle sounds in your ears and I just like you to tell me which ear you can hear the sound okay so right here just move your hair Papa’s behind doing it outside make sure you believe everything you should are you ready close your eyes if you like tonight good thanks limp right good well done and now I’m very very gently going to cover one of your ears I won’t be pressing down hard just holding my hand over one of your ears and then I shall make another soft sound and the other side and you just need to tell me if you can hear it again one more thing I’m very gently going to test the feeling around your skin and your forehead your cheeks Nutan around your ears so I shall be very gently just maybe my fingers as your skin your forehead take so that’s very good yeah very sensitive skin now for the part I find the most fun I think you’ll like it I’m going to test your sense of smell my dance for this and you can just stare with me I shall get everything ready clocks of essence something lovely on this cotton ball you just have to smell it and then if you can tell me what you think it is once more good that’s correct that’s right free time Danka – smell hmm lavender welcome again very well it isn’t always easy this card easily formed psyching in the same is quite thick this okay and take a nice deep okay cinnamon and see if you can catch this one not everyone gets this you know well done that’s time I think you might like this one so I’ll pop extra on for you this is the last one do you know it of course you do nice well done good that’s very good okay now something a little bit fun if you can just clench your teeth for me I want to see your facial movements well done okay and you can puff out your cheeks mm-hmm okay and raise your eyebrows lift and give me a nice big smile that’s lovely okay maybe just squeeze your eyes nice and tight excellent well done now I’m going to test the strength of your tongue I’ll just put my gloves on again for this it’s not singing vases but I’m going to use a tongue depressor so I’m going to pop this on your tongue if you can stick out your tongue for me I won’t we should do foreign just part way that’s it and I’m going to press down on your tongue on the count of three and I want you to push up okay push against the force one two three okay that’s it and one more time one two three push good strong so finally I need to test your eyes this will take a little bit longer so if you’re ready alright you feeling okay good I’m going to come up little bit closer if that’s all right with you first I will use my lined pin just do check your pupils I’m going to move the light close and then quickly away now look ahead I vote my face off maybe in the distance you can pick a spot in the distance and look okay and stay fixed on that spot good right sorry good I have another life not quite as strong this time and I’m going to look through my magnifier and look to the back of your eyes so I’m going to come up close and ask you to look up down left and look right but first of all if you look again at the spot you’re looking at just now homey thank you and if you can look down and then can you look right only looking very healthy just something else I’d like to check just with your ears to ask them thinking about it I’m going to stir some numbers into your ears that’s alright and then if you can just recall them to me and what was it I just respected llúria thank you and [Music] okay more time good well done last one that’s it good well done okay so I think that’s it for all cranial nerve exam good how did you find that so anything you feel wasn’t quite right we just try one more thing I have a look at chart here something I just want to make sure is right if you can just read the lines I point out to you Kay can you just read out the second line okay good okay just as I expected and this one very well done I just wanted to make sure and everything is perfectly fine you’ve done a fantastic job well done you’ve been the perfect patient thank you ever so much and get yourself ready in your own time and if you’d like to see the receptionist on your way out she can just check you out to make sure that all of your information is up-to-date and then we can send your report on later on ok fantastic it’s been lovely to see you and I hope to see you again thank you ok good bye you


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