ASMR Treatments on Slime Ears

Here it comes. Same with this ear. You’re doing great. We must stitch up the affected area. Hi. Welcome to Tomato ENT department. I’m Dr. PPomo Next to me is my twin sister, This is Dr. Pomme. Did you make an appointment with us? Thank you, I will confirm really quick. Confirmed with appointment at 3 o clock. How can we help you today? Your ears hurt and itch, and can’t hear well… have fever and migraine? I will take a look. Your ear seems to be in critical condition. Ooh, It is filled with pus which is somewhat in a slime form. This ear as well. I will check for the body temperature. *Beep* *Beep* You have a slight fever, this is normal due to the ear infection. No wonder you can’t hear clearly, your ears are in serious condition. How long has it been hurting? A month? You should definitely look for medical treatment earlier in the future… however we must immediately remove the slime by surgery and disinfect the ears. Don’t worry, we will be numbing your ears, so you won’t be feeling a thing until anesthesia wears off. Here, it will sting just a bit as I insert the needle into the back of your ear. Here it comes. Same with this ear. Yes, that’s it. don’t worry, its only local anesthesia, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Thank you for the great patience. Here is a little massage to help it spreads. Good. Feels numb right? Now we will use this tool to work on the slime composition. Don’t worry, you are well numbed. The piercing sounds during the surgery can be a little irritating, but not all that much. We are all done. But it looks like we still need to work with the slime deep inside. These are big operating scissors for the main part. Oh my… this must have hurt a lot until now. Good. We are done with this ear, proceeding with smaller scissors to cut the slime down for removal. You are doing great. Try not to move around there. Haha your ears feel like rubber? It can hurt quite a bit when the numbness wears off… we will prescribe you with some pain killers and antiphlogistics. Hm, thank you for your patience. Now we must stitch up the affected area. Try not to move, since the needles for the operation require quite some concentration. We are all done. We will be taking care of the ear wax. first prior to disinfecting. Other ear as well~ All set, now we can start disinfecting your ears. We are almost done. Everything is done, And here are some gauzes. Good work, everything is finally over. Please take good care of the affected area using oxygenated water, and applying iodine everyday will help. We can remove the stitches in about two weeks, Remember that it can hurt quite a bit once the numbness wears off. Here is the prescription for the pain killer and some antiphlogistics. Take care, until next time.

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