Back Pain and Overexertion – The Back Coach – Penn State Spine Center

[ Music ]>>Oh, the back coach just spotted another
back trap. [ Music ]>>Okay, Jaime, I see you working hard at
the gym, but it looks like the back coach has spotted a back trap.>>Let’s see what he has to say. [ Background noise ]>>As you can see, Jaime’s back is not straight.
The back coach says when you’re working with a heavy medicine ball or doing any exercise
involving weight, good form and posture is important to minimize strain on your back.>>That’s right. When using a medicine ball,
you should make sure your ears, shoulders, and hips are aligned.>>The back coach reminds us that if you’re
struggling with the medicine ball while maintaining good posture, you should use a lighter weight
ball or change your exercise so that you’re not putting unnecessary strain on your back.>>What it really comes down to, Jim, is overexertion.
If you’re not able to do an exercise correctly and are getting too tired to perform the exercise
with good posture and form, you need to modify it to make it easier to prevent straining
your back.>>Good point, Bob. Sounds like Jaime is going
to give it another try. [ Whistle and music ] [ Applause ] [ Music ] [ Applause ]>>See? He can still get a great workout.
You just have to be kind to your back.>>Keep it up, Jaime. One more rep.>>Don’t walk right into a back trap. Get
help from the back coach at [ Music ]

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