Bagian Mata Manusia dan Fungsinya

assalamu’alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh welcome to the ajat optikal channel this time I will discuss the human eye and its functions Have a good time watching the human eye is a very important sense tool the eye is the window of the world what parts of the eye? we will explain the parts of the human eye and their functions the first is eyebrows eyebrows protect the eyes from perspiration for women if they are married do not shave their eyebrows because it can be dangerous to the eyes the second is eyelashes lashes function to filter light entering the eye the third is the eyelid eyelids function to protect the eyes from dust and sharp objects the fourth is the cornea of ​​the eye the cornea is not visible because it is transparent the cornea is not visible because it is transparent because without light we can never see minus, cylindrical and plus eye cause because the corneal is damaged before continuing to press subscribe first to help this channel and press the bell to follow the latest video the fifth is iris iris functions to give color to the eye and regulate the size and size of the pupil the sixth is the pupil pupil serves to regulate the light that enters the eye if there is a lot of light, the pupil will narrow if in a dark place, the pupils will widen so that the object we see is clear the seventh is the sclera the sclera is the white part of the eye the sclera functions to protect the eyes and maintain the shape of the eyes the eighth is aqueous humor aqueous humor is fluid behind the cornea the aqueous humor functions to refract light from the cornea to the eyepiece the ninth is the eyepiece the eyepiece serves to focus the light that enters the eye to get to the retina the eyepiece is held by the lens muscle and can accommodate accommodation is the ability of the eyepiece to thicken and thin out so the human eye lens is great, can be convex and can be concave behind the lens of the eye is a vitreous humor The vitreous humor functions to maintain the shape of the eyeball the next eye part is the retina The retina functions to capture the shadow of the object we see if the deficiency of vitamin A retina will be damaged and cause night blindness inside the retina there are yellow spots Yellow spots are the most sensitive light retinal cells behind the retina there is a blind spot blind spots function to pass light from the retina to the optic nerve the optic nerve functions to deliver light to the brain that’s part of the human eye don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment thank you, assalamu’alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh


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