Baguette Flash #1: PrecisionZ, MockitAces, RedEye, Flipsid3 Tactics… et mercato!

Hi everybody, I’m Boyan.
This is the Baguette Flash The weekly news report about
the Rocket League e-sports community In this show, Rocket Baguette offers
game highlights, tournament results Transfer market updates and
all kind of news regarding Rocket League Let’s begin with the RLCS,
the official Rocket League world cup Regional playoffs were held last week In Europe, 4 teams were competing
for the last 2 spots to the Grand Finals next month in Amsterdam Reunited, Mockit Aces,
PrecisionZ and RedEye 4 French players were still in the race Tequilaz, Chausette and Dadooh,
playing for RedEye And Kaydop, who plays for PrecisionZ
with Swiss Skyline and German Sikii After Reunited was out 3 teams were competing for the last 2 tickets:
Mockit Aces, PrecisionZ & RedEye The first final was
Mockit Aces vs PrecisionZ Winner goes to Amsterdam,
loser plays vs RedEye for the last spot It was BO5 and here are the highlights After winning the 1st game,
Mockit starts strong in the 2nd With an early goal by ViolentPanda
with a magnificient Paschy assist After a second goal for Mockit,
PrecisionZ finally wakes up Great pass by Kaydop
and great shot by Skyline Sikii will then score the equalizer
before Kaydop gives PZ the lead With a nice solo play Precision Z will confort its lead at the end Long pass by Kaydop and great
finish by Skyline against ViolentPanda PrecisionZ wins the game 5-2 Great start for PZ in the 3rd game One-two betwen Skyline and Sikii
for a perfect goal Sikii will then score a 2nd one
as PZ is dominating its opponent There was a nice save for Mockit
as Pashy bumps Deevo Skyline will score the 3rd
with this long shot and PZ takes the lead
2-1 in this series Game 4 will go to overtime And PZ will finally win
their ticket to Amsterdam with this goal from Kaydop GG to Kaydop, Sikii and Skyline who
will fight for the title in Amsterdam Last spot will go either to
Mockit Aces or Red Eye The French are the underdog in this game Let’s watch the highlights In a very close game, Paschy will score
the only goal 24 sec before the end Thanks to a beautiful shot
by ViolentPanda 1-0 win for Mockit Aces In game 2, Deevo draws first blood
thanks to this mistake by Dadooh But Dadooh will make up right away for
its mistake, with this solo goal We go to overtime and Deevo, again,
scores its 2nd and gives Mockit the win 3rd game also goes to overtime
after a 2-2 draw And Chausette will score the golden goal
and Red Eye is still dreaming of Amsterdam The French start strong in game 4. After 9 sec,
Assist by Chausette, goal by Dadooh ViolentPanda then scores the equalizer
with this beautiful half-volley from distance After next kick-off, Chausette takes off…
there’s no words for the rest. But after a ViolentPanda equalizer,
Deevo will give Mockit the lead Red Eye won’t come back and
they say goodbye to the Grand Finals While Mockit Aces finally gets
their ticket to Amsterdam That’s a shame for Red Eye, after a strong
performance vs Mockit and all this season We will certainly see Chausette,
Tequilaz and Dadooh again next season We will certainly see Tequilaz,
Chausette and Dadooh again next season We finally have the 8 teams that will fight
for World Champion on 12/04 in Amsterdam In Europe: Northern Gaming, Flipsid3
Tactics, PrecisionZ & Mockit Aces In NA: Orbit, NRG, Genesis & Take 3 Next RLCS event is this week-end
with the regional championships There will be a European Champion,
and a NA Champion between those teams We will obviously talk about it
next week in the Baguette Flash Last week-end was also held the GO4 that you might have watched with us The French Luminance made a nice run
beating Valencia (RO16) and Summit (RO8) but lost to The Gummi Bears
in the semi-finals On the other side of the bracket,
another French team ran the show Standby Rocketeers, whose roster is:
Mindre, Near and Hello They made it to the semis,
where they lost to Proficiency ProficiencyHQ then won
its 3rd GO4 in a row Wining against Gummi Bears 4-2 Luminance won the 3st placematch against Standby Rocketeers We will be casting the GO4 again on sunday
so make sure not to miss it by following us The Gfinity 3v3 cup was quite
fancy on Monday evening In RO8, there was: Flipsid3 Tactics,
Northern Gaming, ProficiencyHQ The Gummi Bears, Leaf e-sports,
Luminance and Baguettes A team formed by Kaydop,
Sikii and Turbopolsa Turbopolsa’s a British player
raced in the RLCS with Ohmydog Funny thing: Ohmydog was out of the RLCS
after league play and a final loss to PrecisionZ This temporary team did pretty well
as they beat Northern Gamin the semis while Flipsid3 Tactics took ProficiencyHQ
down in the other semi-final The final was therefore between F3 and PZ,
it was BO7, here’s the highlights Baguette takes an early lead
but Kluxir, in the late game will score and assist
for the 2-1 win by Flipsid3 In game 2, after almost
3 minutes in overtime Sikii will score the golden goal
after this mistake by GreazyMeister In the next 2 games, the fight
is raging between the 2 teams Baguette wins game 3, 5-3, with this
beautiful team play and goal by Turbopolsa Flipsid3 wins game 4 thanks
to another 2 goals by Kluxir In game 5, we finally see some Markydooda,
with two goals for a 3-0 win In game 6, Turbopolsa scores
a beautiful equalizer But Markydooda scores a hat-trick And Flipsid3 Tactics takes the cup
with this 4-2 win against Baguettes Let’s move on to the transfer market There are a lot of changes
of teams, names, rosters… So week after week,
Rocket Baguette will keep you up to date After loosing in the RLCS
at the end of league play Ohmydog, formed by
Turbopolsa, Al0t and Dogu has decided to dismantle Ohmydog no longer exists We don’t know what’s next for them
but we will let you know as soon we can Aeriality became ProficiencyHQ ProficiencyHQ is an e-sport organisation
that has teams on Overwatch and Battlerite To join the RL game, they chose
Continuum, Metsanauris and Mognus That’s an excellent choice, as they’ve
been dominating the GO4 for weeks The US team VindicatorGG formed
by Torment, Matt and Darkfire becomes Vendetta again They were Vendetta, then VindicatorGG,
now they’re Vendetta again As they made it to RLCS finals, Kaydop’s PrecisionZ now has a new logo!
Here it is. Quite fancy 🙂 That was it for the first Baguette Flash,
we hope you liked it Do not hesitate to give us some feedback
in the commentaries or on twitter Do not hesitate to subsribe, to follow,
and support us into keeping going We will meet again next Sunday
as we’re casting the GO4 We’re Rocket Baguette, bye bye 🙂

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