Batman Kills Joker | The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: No more! Batman: All the people I’ve murdered.. letting you live Joker: I never kept count Batman: I did Joker: I know! .. Joker: And I love you for it! Joker: It’s finally here, isn’t it? The moment we’ve both dreamed about Joker: Oh don’t tell me you’re gonna fall asleep before we’ve finished! Joker: You have gotten old, haven’t you?!! Joker: Not quite how I imagined it but.. Joker: We can still end on a high note! Joker: (laughs) Joker: You’re in trouble, now!…. Joker: (laughs) Joker: Go ahead… Joker: Say, this has never happened to you before! Batman: Shut up.. Joker: Make me! Joker: Come on! Joker: Finish me! Joker: (Sigh) Doesn’t Matter… Joker: I win Joker: I made you lose control Joker: (Laughs) Joker: And they’ll kill you for it… Joker: (Laughs) Joker: See you…in Hell! Joker: (laughs) Yindell: Keep going! Down here! Officer 1: There’s another body! Yindell: Watch yourselves! Witnesses are both of them- this way! Officer 2: Down this way! Officer 2: Go right! Batman: Robin, Call the Copter Batman: Locate my signal Yindell: Don’t touch him! Yindell: Freeze! You son of a bitch!- Batman: Cute gun Officer 3: Move Forward! Officer 4: Keep your head straight! Officer 3: How are we supposed to find him? Yindell: If it isn’t a cop, shoot it! Officer 3: Over there! Batman: Clumsy Batman: Stop Laughing


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