Beauty Tips – Get Rid Of Tired Eyes and Dark Circles – Natural Home Remedies – DIY

life today especially in cities for a
lot of people is long travel to work even more longer working us not enough
sleep and always being on the move this results in fatigue and tired eyes though the most evident sign of tired eyes puffiness around the eye heaviness and the eyes and head is also another common complaint other symptoms include burning
irritation and redness in the eyes simple home remedies can prove effective and caring for your eyes an very easy home remedy is spoons yes you’ve heard it right spoons take
two spoons and keep them in a freezer remember to remove it when cold and do not let it freeze now close your eyes and place the spoons on your eyelids leave it for some time and this can reduce the puffiness around your eyes lavender oil is known to soothe tired eyes so in a bowl of water add one drop of
lavender oil makes this to form a solution now take two cotton pads and dip it in the solution squeeze out the excess water from the
cordon pads now close your eyes and place these
cotton pads over your eyelids place some cotton pads in cold milk and
place them on closed eyelids this also helps reduce puffiness cut two slices of cucumber and place it
over your eyelids this helps reduce puffiness and also
serve as many ice packs to refresh your eyes seven to eight hours of sleep at
night will not just help your eyes but give your body that much needed rest so sleep well and stay healthy if you enjoyed this video remember to hit the like button and leave a comment to let
me know what you feel and make sure to check out our other videos and remember
stay healthy and live a long happy life


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