Benefits and risks of C3R

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Guys..are you enjoying my videos? Please let me know in your comments… Today I will tell you the impressive benefits
of Corneal Collagen Crosslinking to help you understand, why it is mendatory to go for
C3R, if you have progressive keratoconus. This video will also cover the Complications
and risks associated with the C3R. You will also know, how much safe it is? So lets start with the benefits of crosslinking… Following are the advantages of CXL procedure-
· Crosslinking halts the progression of keratoconus or slows down the progression or may improve
vision in some cases · It reduces the chances of cornea transplant
to great extent by stabilizing the cornea · It strengthens the cornea
· It is a painless surgical procedure · No incision is required like other surgical
procedures in C3R · Low risks are involved
· CXL is a easy procedure · It can be used with INTACS for better vision
· and at last…the fast recovery Now let’s discuss the complications of Corneal
Collagen Crosslinking… So the topic of discussion is… Is CXL safe? What are the complications and risks involved? Although CXL is very safe but still there
may be some complications. These complications may arise either during
or after the CXL procedure. So before discussing what these complications
are…Let me tell you the underlying causes behind these infections first. These risks and complications may be either
short term or long term in nature. In CXL, complications may arise because of unsterilized (or not
properly sterilized) medical equipments, used in the surgery or poor hygiene of the patient. These may cause the infection. Complications may also arise due to lack of
expertise of the surgeon or because of applying incorrect technique. Here the complications and risks of cross
linking have been mentioned- These are… Infections
Temporary corneal haze Corneal edema
Endothelial damage Herpes Simplex Virus reactivation
Ocular surface disorders Corneal inflammatory infiltrates
Excessive tearing Defects in epithelium
Photophobia Painful eyes
Halos… and the last one…Treatment failure. That’s all, with benefits and risks associated
with Crosslinking. For more help about keratoconus, visit my
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