Benq EW2770QZ Review – 27 Inch 1440P IPS Monitor for Video and Photo Editing

This right here is the Benq EW2770QZ monitor It’s a 27 inch IPS panel But it’s got some really unique features that is gonna be up your alley if you’re a content creator or working in an office Stick around because it’s TechWizTime Hey guys, hope you had a great break My name is Jonathan, and this is TechWizTime, where I create technology tutorial and review videos In this video I’m gonna be looking at the Benq EW2770 QZ monitor Now before we go any further I just want to let you know that Benq did send this monitor out for a review Thoughts and opinions are still my own and I wasn’t paid for this review either So with that said let’s look at some of the features of this monitor Now one of the biggest features of this monitor First off the bat is the ICare feature Now how this is implemented is through a brightness intelligence plus mode Which to put it in simplest terms is a sensor underneath the monitor that determines the lighting conditions Where you’re sitting So say for example. It’s full daylight, and you’ve got light coming in from outside Then it will adjust the color temperature and the brightness accordingly So this is where ICare comes into it By changing these settings inside the monitor automatically through the sensor underneath you’re putting less strain on your eyes, which means there’s a reduced chance of getting a headache or getting tired at the end of the day So it’s really easy to turn the feature on, all you’ve got to do is go to the BI+ menu And turn it on Pretty simple really The monitor takes care of the rest, so you don’t have to worry about any other settings So that’s Brightness Intelligent Plus out of the way, but what about the other features of the Benq EW2770QZ? Can’t believe I got that So it is a 27 inch LCD display that’s an IPS panel, so You’re gonna get really good colors from this, and speaking of colors this monitor has 100% SRGB This is a huge plus for those that are in the content creation industry And this can be changed up through the menus again whenever you need it As well as the 100% SRGB profile. You’ve also got Rec709 in there as well For those that are interested So the other thing with this 27-inch monitor is that it’s a 16 by 9 aspect ratio But it’s resolution is 2560 by 1440 So it’s not quite 4k, but it is a larger resolution than a 1080p monitor And because this is an IPS display as well, it’s got really great viewing angles Up to 178 degrees actually And you can see here how far you can actually get it on the side And the colors look just as good as they were if you’re viewing it straight on That’s pretty awesome It’s got 2 2watt speakers built-in and these aren’t the best, but For the people that this is aimed at which is not really gamers, it’s more of office and content creators It’s just a little bit of a speaker there that you wouldn’t normally have on the desk So flipping it over and looking underneath you can see there’s the on/off switch, there’s also a three pin power port So unlike most monitors these days that come with that You know the big power brick This one has that all built in so you don’t need to worry about having that under the desk Over to the porch you’ve got two HDMI ports and a Display Port And lastly on the very end is a headphone jack Actually while we’re looking at it, there’s also a Kensington lock there So great for businesses that want to secure this monitor So that’s the ports out of the way, next we’ll have a look at the stand itself So one thing that I really like about the stand is its quick-release plate So basically you push the button on the back of the monitor and the stand pulls away Really great if you’re needing to pack it down and move it to another desk And lastly as well as brightness intelligence plus It also has a low blue light filter Which you can also access through the menu So say for example you’re just reading a lot of webpages or you’ve got a lot of documents that you’ve got to read Then changing this to the appropriate setting will actually cut out that blue light Which again is gonna be great for your eyes Hence why this range is the eyecare range Now with all great things there are a couple of things that I didn’t really like about this monitor The main thing is the actual stand itself You can tilt this up or down, but unfortunately you can’t rotate it so for those that like the Portrait mode Unfortunately you will need a separate stand, but Luckily enough, It is a vesa mount, so if you do have a spare stand lying around and you want to have it in portrait mode then you can So like I mentioned this isn’t a gaming monitor. It’s not aimed at gamers either, it’s only at 60 Hertz, which, is fine for the office or content creator But when it comes to gamers they liked 144 Hertz, so Unfortunately this isn’t for the gamers, but you can still play games on it as I’m showing here So, at $399 or Australian dollars it’s 599 The Benq EW2770QZ monitor is definitely aimed at the professional market But if you’re serious about content creation and color reproduction, then this monitor is awesome So what did you think of my first monitor review Is there anything else that I should be doing with these then let me know down in the comments below because I’m wanting to do some more monitor review soon So let me know down in the comments if you’d like any other tests to show off monitor capabilities Thanks again to Benq for sending this out. I’ll be sending it back shortly It’s been great experiencing a professional grade monitor considering minor only TN panels, so Having an IPS is really Been a treat and I might have to upgrade sometime soon. I’ve got a question for you Are you a subscriber? If not then hit that big red subscribe button down there And also, if you are already a subscriber then make sure you hit that Bell icon too If you can like and share this video with all your friends, that would be fantastic and it would really help this channel a lot And as always Imagine, Learn, Create


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