BenQ Screen Bar Lite USB Laptop Lamp – Portable Computer LED Light with Color Temperature Settings

Often we use our laptops in dimly lit rooms
but the new BenQ Screen Bar Lite can help ease eye strain. This is the little brother to BenQ’s full
size screen bar for desktop computer monitors and it comes in a protective case. This compact LED light has two different color
LEDs so you can switch between warm and cool lighting. And on the back is a sturdy clamp that clips
onto a laptop screen. The great thing is that the Screen Bar Lite
is powered through USB and attaches easily to the top of a laptop. The angle of the light can also be adjusted
to hit the perfect spot on the keyboard and surrounding area. The touch sensitive buttons also respond well
to finger tips and they’re found across the front of the lamp. When this sun icon is lit up, it activates
dimming mode. But when the thermometer icon is lit, the
screen bar is in color temperature mode. And here I’ll demonstrate the dimming and
temperature functions. With the sun icon lit up touching the left
button will dim the light. But you can choose your brightness level depending
on the ambient lighting in the room. Once the dim level is set, the color temperature
can be adjusted from a cool glow to a more warm looking light. Sometimes a warmer light color is easier on
the eyes in a darker room. And here’s just a quick look at the actual
LEDs as I make changes to the lighting. There are distinct white and orange LEDs in
here and the actual color temperature is achieved by a mixture between the two colors. The BenQ Screen Bar Lite is a great addition
to a laptop when working in a room with dim lighting or if your keyboard doesn’t have
backlighting. This is a very compact lamp that you can take
with you and you always have power because this is run off of a standard USB port. You could clip the screen bar onto other things
but they have to be really thin because the clip doesn’t open very far. For regular desktop monitors you’ll need
the regular size screen bar from BenQ. If you found this product interesting please
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product reviews. Thanks for watching!

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