BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp Review (and tips to reduce eye strain at the computer)

Today I’m doing a product review and I’m
talking about the BenQ Screen Bar e-Reading Lamp. This is an LED lamp that sits on top of your
monitor with the aim of providing light, reducing eye strain and saving space on your desk. So first, full disclosure: BenQ reached out
to me about reviewing this product, and sent it to me for free. I don’t usually take these kinds of requests,
or even respond to them when I get them, but I had been looking for a lighting solution
for my computer desk for a while over the past year and never really found anything
I was happy with. This seemed like it might do what I wanted,
so I wanted to try it out. So this is what the light bar looks like. It is very sleek looking and quite light. There are only three pieces – the light bar
itself, the mount where it sits on the top of your computer monitor and then there is
the USB power cord. It’s very easy to put on your monitor, especially
when one hand isn’t holding a camera. It uses a counter-balance and sits securely. No real installation required. It can be powered by a USB outlet on your
monitor, just be aware that if your monitor goes to sleep the light will go off as well. The light is adjustable in a few ways, using
touch controls at the top of the bar. You can change the brightness as well as the
colour temperature. Just press the button and the light will dim
and brighten, or change the temperature from cool to warm as you hold it. I like warm lights, so I particularly like
this option. There’s also an ambient light sensor which
will auto adjust the brightness for you. The only thing I don’t like about this function
is that it doesn’t remember your colour temperature setting. There’s also a power button so you can turn
it on and off as you like. I’ve always had an issue finding a good
setup for lights around my computer desk. I don’t like overhead lights because they’re
too bright, I rarely have enough room to put a desk lamp on my desk, floor lamps, again,
there’s only so many places to put them. It’s not so bad during the day when there’s
some natural light coming in the windows, but at night looking at a large, very bright
screen in a dark room causes eyestrain and headaches. A few months ago I got some LED strips to
put on the back of my monitor and desk in an attempt to improve this. They look pretty, but don’t really do much
in terms of my comfort when I’m using the computer at night. With this screenbar the light falls just where
you need it, in front of the monitor without causing any glare. I did notice a difference using this. I felt much less eye strain at night, and
even felt a little better being at my computer for long periods of time during the day. When playing or working with it on, I’d
sometimes power it off just to see the difference and I immediately noticed my workspace felt
less comfortable and my eyes were unhappy. Some final thoughts on this product:
Pros – The light works great. It’s very adjustable in terms of brightness
and colour temperature, causes no glare on your screen and takes up no space on your
desk. My eyes feel noticeably less strained when
playing or working at night. Also, on its warm colour temperature it’s
also just a nice ambient light for my computer room. And as for cons, when I first started using
this it because very evident how disgusting my keyboard was, I guess that’s not really
the light’s fault . The major downside is the price. This goes for $100 USD, which is quite pricey
for what’s basically an LEDstrip in a very nice package. Overall I think this a very good product,
but whether it’s worth the price is really up to you. I’m glad I have it, and glad I didn’t have
to pay for it. It will be sitting on my monitor for the foreseeable
future. IF you’re interested in this there is a link
to it on Amazon in the description below Before I go, I just want to share a more tips
to reduce eyestrain and make your time at your computer as comfortable and healthy as
possible. First, as we’ve been discussing, have appropriate
lighting and avoid glare from windows or overhead lights. Make sure your monitor is at eye level about
an arm’s length away from you and sit up straight. Something I almost never do. And very importantly, make sure you’re taking
breaks! Every 20 minutes look away from your monitor. Look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds
to allow your eyes to refocus and rest. Better yet, get up out of your chair and do
a couple stretches or go refill your water. You are drinking your water, right? That’s all for today. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next

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