Best Eye Drops for Red Eyes | How To Get Rid Of Red Eyes

Dr. Travis Zigler back again for our
final installment in our initial dry eye video education series. Today we are going
to talk about something that I think eye doctors are passionate about. What eye
drops to use and what not to use According to global data the eyedrop
market was 1.6 billion dollars in 2012 That is billion with a B. It is expected to
reach 5.5 billion by 2022. What that means is that more drops will be coming
to the market adding to the confusion of the consumer. Let’s dive into what drops
use and what drops you should not be using Visine and clear eyes are the most
frequently used eye drops available on the market but what if I told you that
these drops could actually make your dry eyes worse and even make your red eye
worse. All redness reliever drops do in fact remove the redness from your
eyes but your eyes also get addicted to the redness remover making you rely on
the drops even more than before to keep your eyes white. This is a fantastic
marketing technique by those companies you’re forced to continue purchasing the
eye drops in order to keep your eyes white. Also when your eyes are red and
irritated there is usually an underlying cause. Remember in the last video we
talked about dryness the majority of time being caused by a lack of oil
production or decrease in the quality of oil now before we move on remember that
all the information in this video series is for educational purposes only. It is
not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. Figuring out the cause by seeing
an eye care practitioner is always best Here is a basic guide to why your eyes
might feel like they do and what to do about it. We have discussed dry eye syndrome in depth in previous lessons. The most
common symptom of dry eye syndrome is burning. Warm compresses plus omega-3s
are a great starting point to get the oils moving and increase the quality of
oils the glands produce. If you need to drop the over-the-counter drop we
prescribe the most is Retain MGD or Refresh Advanced. We like these drops
because they’re both preservative free Pink eye are also called viral
conjunctivitis is an extremely contagious condition. You are going to notice redness watery eyes and a general discomfort. It is also going to
start in one eye and spread to the other eye pretty quickly
Unfortunately there’s no treatment for pink eye since it’s viral however talk to
your optometrists about an off-label treatment that is very effective
Bacterial conjunctivitis or a bacterial infection is often accompanied to by a
yellow goopy discharge which can be seen in this picture. Your eyelids are often
stuck together in the morning. This can be treated by cleaning the eyelids both
morning and night. Also go to your eye care practitioner to prescribe an
antibiotic. We use OcuSoft lid scrubs both morning and night before washing our
face. When we see bacterial conjunctivitis. Again always see your eye
care practitioner for a quicker resolution. Allergic conjunctivitis
causes intense itching especially in the corners of the eye. Eyes will also be
watery as well. A great over-the-counter drop for itchy eyes is Alaway. We schedule
an appointment with your eye doctor if you’re still not getting relief with
Alaway. You can take Alaway up to 2 times a day you may need a prescription
drop though if this is not working for you contact lens complications can be
caused by many things and can be site threatening quickly if you wake up with
a red eye and you wear contact lenses you need to be seen as soon as possible
Symptoms are often an intense redness pain sensitivity to light and blurred
vision. Again give your optometrist a call immediately. This is an example of a
patient with a corneal ulcer and they unfortunately lost vision due to this. If
your contact lenses are dry switching to a more frequent replacement lens such as
a daily disposable lens that you throw away every day is best. This is an
example of a daily lens called Acuvue Oasys one day which is the one we
prescribed the most if you do not throw your contact lenses away daily switch to
a solution without preservatives such as Clear Care. Always read the instructions
for clear care very well. It is hydrogen peroxide and if you put it directly in
your eye it will burn if the above is still not working then use and Retain
CMC artificial tears as needed is a great way to supplement the above. These
drops are not approved for contact lens wearers but they are perfectly safe. As
you can tell an exam is essential to make sure you get the correct treatment
for red eyes. This does not mean you should call your nearest urgent care
center. Most eye doctors are always on call and would be happy to see you on
nights and weekends. Here’s your quick reference guide for all the eyedrops
that we talked about. Never use Visine Clear Eyes or Rodo. We use in our
clinic for dry eyes is Retain MGD Refresh Advanced Preservative Free for
contact lens dryness we always switch to Dailies and then we’ll add Retain CMC
as needed for itchy eyes we use Alaway


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