Best Strain Ever!? – Venom OG : What’s In The Bag?

untouched trichomes guys look at that
holy shit looks like the fortress of solitude
that’s like Superman’s house look at that. hey what’s up YouTube Dope As Yola here hope
you’re having a dope ass day welcome back to another episode of what’s in the bag I’m
sorry it’s taken so long guys but this is gonna be hopefully a weekly
installment if you’ve never seen what’s in the bag
it’s basically whatever I’m smoking at the time whatever a turkey bag or
whatever bag I got could be a pound could be a QP doesn’t really matter
it doesn’t matter the amount but what do you got in the bag when somebody walks
you’re like what the fuck’s that smell what’s in the bag that’s exactly why I
called it what’s in the bag this right here is the venom OG and you guys see me
and hear me talk about it every fucking day every live what are you smoking
the venom og I don’t care how many fucking different strains I got OG
my favorite weed in the world I’ll smoke cookies I’ll smoke some purple I’ll
smoke some fucking Jack it’s fun but this is what I’m always gonna come home
to I loved venom so much and the venom og
is never let me down so here we go guys what’s in the bag I’m gonna roll it up
I’m gonna pack another bong I’m gonna bust it open hella close I’m just gonna
have fun today and show you guys what’s in the bag
You guys always ask do you guys have a dispensary what do you do when you
have so much weed honestly guys I just smoke a lot of fucking weed and I just
like to stock up on the venom because it’s not always here so anytime there’s
any venom i buy whatever I can get so as you guys can check it out there’s like
any OG looks just like it I like my weed to where I can actually squish it I
don’t want it to be full of bullshit but look at that stuck to my hand Organic
weed right here guys soil grown I know where this is coming from I know who’s
growing it and know what they’re putting in it I know they love it just as much
as I do that’s why I buy from this person but
consistently for the past eight months have not changed so I know it’s squish
the shit out of that no that’s get another one as you see the little nubs
it’s fucking caked out I love it so much man whoever trim this good fucking job
there’s literally no water leaves left on this thing I want to show you guys
something I got a No little camera I’m gonna crack this open
and show you some weed porn no fucking just gooey drip trichomes let’s do it
let’s get into this note I’m gonna bust it open I’m gonna get into this
magnifying glass camera I want you guys to see the heads the trichomes on this
let’s see this holy shit here we go what the fuck
science class guys but adult look at this shit look at that shit guys this is
like a magazine damn is the venom oh gee guys look at the colors on that what the
photos a spider fuck whoa what’s a National Geographic
you guys fucking wheat I love we look at this look at guys all right guys let’s
grind this up roller join up smoke that and while we’re doing that we’ll smoke a
bowl let’s get a fat one oh man um guys honestly the reason I really really love
this weed is I cannot sleep at night and this always makes me just feel like all
right man I could finally try to crash out it’s the worst y’all stay up all
fucking night the only thing that’s bad about this is I smoked it all day every
day so I’m always sleepy in the day all right guys now they got this grind
others probably a gram five the thing I really love about weed like this guy’s
is look it’s not fresh a sweet it’s just sticky sticky wheat I just stuck all
that back together look I’m not fucking I’m not kidding
I remember you guys saw the Mack what’s in the bag right stuck those two Nagas
together look at this shit I put into a bottle of let’s do this
right back into a little nub it’s fucking awesome
ready yeah that’s just good girl Weed Man that’s just a sticky as hell that’s
my one four one three I don’t know about you guys but when I have excess weed I
put it right back in my grinder because I know I’m about to use it again all
right now that I got this let’s get the bong and we’ll get started
I got the bong out got the joy okay guys I know let me start on this before I
forget into this joint start ranting if you’re kidding the taste the venom taste
it’s not like piney it’s not I know people say like oh it tastes like
outside not like outdoor but tastes like a pine needle the way behind it’ll smell
like refreshing I get that I understand that this venom is just overpowering
that’s all I can say I know people say oh it’s gas this is gas this is
overpowering a joint too fat to yourself will fuck your mouth not like make it
bad it’s just like oh my god it’s just so fucking strong I know you guys know
what I’m saying oh man that gassy has Oh gene that’s all I can say about this
this is just straight-up gas it doesn’t have the pine tanks it has like straight
earth I guess you could say it tastes like this is soil grown guys that’s by
I’m not gonna say who grew it but my friend grows this it’s fucking delicious
I don’t know overall it’s just really grown well growing weed it’s flushed as
you can see I know everybody says the white ash tells the difference tells the
story but this ash is fluorescent white always always never let me down it’s
white ash every time I ask straight look at this thing
fucking glowing what’d he grab joy this is exactly what I rolled I rolled the
bed above the hundred gram joint I rolled a variation as an SF V cross but
it wasn’t exactly random but it was so fucking gassing you are there’s that
shit burns your mouth yeah guys if you guys know what I’m talking about you
haven’t had an OG that is so gassy it’s almost overpowering that’s all I could
say this is it it’s coach your mouth like right now my whole tongue all I
taste is like the nug let’s get on to the smell this venom
it smells like OG souls like gassy OG but it’s not like that even is almost
lemony it’s not even lemony it’s just it’s a very hard way to put it’s hard to
put it we have had people pass the fuck out off smoking this I’ve had certain
people I won’t say just leave the building because they got too fucked up
and they just left that’s it they just left the whole building shoutout to you
you know who you are that’s growing this fucking good job they take care of their
plants as if they’re the only ones smoking it I smoked a joint to the face
fuck yeah yeah be high shit I always smoked these during story times guys I’m
fucking high after let’s pack this up and you guys know me if you follow me or
if your new bong my favorite way to smoke absolute favorite way to smoke
gets me high the fastest gets me fucked up and I gotta be honest guys you smoked
an eighth out of a joint all good you try to smoke an eighth out of a bomb and
you’re fucking done you can literally go to the DMV happy with the DMV that
fucking sucks dick right sucks but if you had a joy it’s nothing bad
you can go outside and smoke a joint while waiting for the DMV the DMV is
fine it’s all good I swear to god guys every single person that I have smoked
this wee with and then they text me back the next day it’s like you said it
starts off with my god dude yeah there’s a difference guys might and I know
people like you don’t have the best weed my uncle’s weeds better
your uncle’s we may be better I just haven’t tried it let’s smoke some more
balls and get out of here but hey those clothes those were crazy
on that shit blew my fucking mind to do this at home pack a bowl use a joint for
blood I guess use it whoo that would get away from me all right guys that was the
venom og the breakdown from the node to the inside guts
smokin to the bowl and the joint as you can see burn clean all the way through
good shit good flush so far guys what’s in the bag has just been packs that I’m
smoking on I would totally go out and look for strains that you suggest if
there’s anything out there you want to see say there’s a new popular a popular
eye strain like like what apple fritter was the most pop and a strain five
months ago it just disappeared but if I would’ve did an apple fritter what’s in
the bad note have been awesome because it was the most popping one you could
show what it really looks like cuz I know a lot of these guys a lot of you
guys look at these videos and go oh I’ve had that straight doesn’t even look like
the one he has these are all legit no matter what guys I’m gonna get legit
strains alright guys it’s been another episode of what’s in the bag venom OG if
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much for watching as always i’m doga Zola have a dope-ass day


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