Best Way to Get Rid of Ear Aches

Earaches are relatively common problems that
many children and adults alike encounter at some point in their lives. In children, ear infections are the main culprits
that cause earaches. In adults however, ear pain is because of
different factors such as sinus congestion, excessive amounts of earwax in the ear, as
well as soreness due to sleeping on the ear. Most of the time, ear pain does resolve on
its own within a couple of days. However, there are several steps that you
can take to quicken your recovery and get rid of ear aches. 1. Apply some heat to the ear. All that you need to do this is a hot water
bottle, hair dryer or heating pad, as well as a warm washcloth.
The heat will help soothe the ear and help in breaking up sinus pressure as well as congestion. 2. Into your sore ear, pour a couple of drops
of warm oil. This process will help in breaking up excess
wax. The best oils that you should use of this
process are coconut oil and olive oil. Ensure that you do not heat the oil too much. If you find that there is some discharge coming
from the ear, do not undertake this process. Garlic oil is another solution you need to
try out. Crush a clove of garlic and place it in a
small amount of olive oil. Let this mixture sit for several hours and
then put it in the ear that aches. 3. You could take over-the-counter pain medication.
The medication can help reduce inflammation as well as give you several hours worth of
relief. 4. In case you find that the pain does not
go away after several days, you should go see a doctor. The doctor may prescribe some antibiotics
if your ear has an infection that does not resolve on its own.


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