Best Way to Get Rid of Ear Infections

Ear infections are the worst aren’t they? They are right up there with toothaches as
unbearable pains that complicate people’s daily lives to the max. A sustaining ear infection can more than just
hinder your productivity. It can make you wish someone would just end
your misery and knock you out for the duration. Earaches and ear infections can come about
for a variety of different reasons. While making a doctor’s appointment is sometimes
necessary to get rid of an ear infection, many arise from simple oversights and other
issues and can be remedied by taking on the following home practices. Did you know that salt can actually help you
eliminate an ear infection? All you need to do is boil some salt, place
it inside a cloth and apply it to your ear. It might take a few minutes for the boiled
salt to cool down enough to be put on your ear. The idea here is to do it immediately after
it has cooled down just enough to be bearable. This is a home remedy that can be repeated
throughout the day to help you get rid of ear infections. As for how long you keep the cloth on your
ear, approximately five or ten minutes is the intended time period. Rice used just as you prepared the salt is
another home remedy. Garlic and garlic oil are two other sources
of earache relief. You can also work on earache prevention if
you find they are quite common in your life by adding plenty of garlic to your diet. Always make sure your ears are clear of ear
wax, as this is a common cause for ear infections. Furthermore, basil, basil oil and apple cider
vinegar are alternative solutions to help you get rid of ear infections.

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