Best Way to Get Rid of Ear Wax

Ear wax is a natural substance that builds
up in the ear canal and outer ear. It helps to protect our ears and ear canals
from outside invasions. If a tiny insect or microorganism creeps into
the ear, it will be prevented from reaching the deeper parts of the ear due to the ear
wax. This is the main function of ear wax. But the problem arises when ear wax builds
up and cause hearing difficulties and discomfort. This is when you need to get rid of ear wax. We will highlight some of the most important
tips to get rid of ear wax. You must make sure that you are not suffering
from any ear infection before deciding to clean the ear wax.
Dabbling with ear wax while having an ear infection is quite dangerous, since it can
damage the ear drum. In fact, ear wax will protect the inner parts
of your ear against infection. The first step in removing ear wax is to prepare
a saline solution, which will help the ear wax to melt before being removed from the
ear. Take a saucepan and mix one teaspoon of salt
with half a cup of warm water. Stir the solution until the salt is dissolved. Now, take a small cotton ball and soak it
in the saline solution. Tilt the affected ear slightly towards the
sky. Squeeze some of the salt water into the affected
ear. Two to three drops will do the trick. Once the saline solution has reached the wax,
wait for 2-3 seconds before draining the excess solution out of the ear. This can be done by tilting the ear in the
opposite direction. Most of the ear wax can be removed by using
this method. If you have hardened ear wax, it is best to
consult your physician for removal of same.

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