Bixler High Private Eye “The Kiss” w/ Jace Norman & Ariel “Baby Ariel” Martin + Bonus Scenes | Nick

I gotta admit… We make a pretty good team. Yup, and I got
the biggest story of my life. And I got my father back. – Partners?
– Partners. – Are you two finally gonna kiss or what?
– What? No. – We work together.
– No. OK, just let me know if
you’re gonna kiss and I’ll get lost. So Kenzie and I got right to work
on our next big case. And yeah, that’s a wrap. So, thanks for watching. OK I know what you’re waiting for,
but partners don’t kiss. Alright, that’s not gonna happen. There’s nothing to see here.
This is the end. Alright, the end. Did I mention it’s the end? Can a guy get some privacy here?
OK, just cut to black. OK, walking, walking, walking.
Minding my own business. Oh! Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. ♪ Oh, dream weaver ♪ ♪ I believe you can
Get me through the night ♪ Corinne Spruce. Wow, even after hours of staring
at her picture in the yearbook, – she still turns my legs into jelly.
– What? What? No, no, no.
Oh, this is awful. No, not you.
You’re not awful. You’re hot. What?
Did I just say that out– Yeah, uh, I’m gonna go. So, I’ll see you later? Uh… I’ll be better off losing my voice. If you don’t mind,
I’m gonna change back into… – You know, me.
– Oh, OK. Should I like, close my eyes
or turn around? ‘Cause I don’t know what happens. – No, you’ll be alright.
– OK, alright. – Here I am.
– Yeah. Hey, you. It won’t open. Oh, yeah. Mine’s stuck too. Unlock car. I don’t think it works anymore. Yeah, this is not good. – Do you wanna know something weird?
– Yes. I am starving. Oh, hey, hey. What? What is it? You wanna share what’s left
of my Nut N’ Fruity bar? Shush, yeah I do. Oh, wow. Look at this.
Look what we got right here. – Some free Zipper car water.
– Whoa. We’re set. Sorry, thirst. You lose. – Right?
– Mm-hm. That’s some good water.
You gotta try it. Wow, look at this. – A red rose.
– Oh, yeah. I guess somebody must have dropped it
in the car earlier tonight. Yeah. ♪ It must be time ♪ Happy Valentine’s Day. ♪ No one knows it’s me ♪ Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day! Shut up, Schwoz! [giggling] Let’s talk about that later, Robert. OK, don’t forget! [screaming] Oh, man.
The cable’s gonna snap. What happened? Uh, the elevator kind of… Left. What? Where’d it go? [elevator crashing] About 79 stories down there. – Oh my God!
– Don’t worry, I gotcha. Ready to go up to the roof? Yeah, in just… Just a sec… OK, but… We should hurry. Hey, Kid Danger!
When can I get that selfie with you? Not now, Robert! – Hold tight.
– OK. Up the shaft! [screaming]


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