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and that heads this is dr. mark bond and Claire’s joining us today to have her right ear clean out because it has some really dark wax how long is that wax been there well I don’t know but I i went to my audio version about three months ago and they’re like to have a complete their examination of my hearing aid and it was overdue and so they made an appointment and he started to charge that with the here hearing test and did I can’t do it and I ask why you should have too much wax area ok well let’s look and see what it looks like and have been fighting and ever since and with mostly gym and myself so do you drink the general you put in your year and your PA all with Jack ok alright gotta get these things right just this is going to be warm water and it’s going to be loud just warning you about to start and get it in pretty good and tight Oh does it hurt you see some black flakes kind of coming out you’re going to stop here we can stop is it painful little bit deep in the year or get here okay let’s take another look then there that’s that’s the tool would you rather I not do that little bit okay you rather have this than the sprayer oh I’m so sorry sprayer you see that’s really dark and a lot of times the dark color will be because of blood all right we’ll try the sprayer oh I was more experienced the second time alright some stuff is moving around so that’s good and that may be part of it that it is getting loosened up going to turn on makes an impression every time you you need me to stop there’s some stuff coming out get in my son want me to stop we can do it another full thing here for a nexus just about there there it is let’s take it out and you can see just by looking there you can see that it’s coming and there’s a little bit inside of so I’m going to get the curette and we’ll see if we can get that without putting ok you want to about four inches away if you can you want to the second let’s work this out look at that ready to grab their isn’t it so i wanted to show you this one it is rather dark wax isn’t use that color it can get dark from blood or or dirt if somebody lives in an environment there’s lots of dark dust blowing around like a Midwest farm yeah but that their inclusion years and never had or never something happened in there night I think it may have been some of the custom bleeding myself ok let’s take a look inside so okay can see part of the eardrum and I’m gonna look with another scope might get me a better view than this they have you plug your nose and blow okay good here comes a pan that’s fine and when I see down there are just drops of water is the sound of the bubbles gone now there are some just on the bottom of your drunk smaller bubbles ok but all the stuff is clean out their drum now you’re clear oh ok can you tilt your neck toward me yea even more so that the water will run down how’s that feel that bad i feel kind of good in a strange way my cat really likes it alright I’m saying too much there ok now you can wear it now you can do the testing and I don’t see any source of bleeding we got all that dark wax out so you’re good so yeah I was it most likely because it’s so dark it does get a little dark as it gets older oxidized with time so it could have been there a long time at first as hard as it was it could have been there for quite some time yeah so we’ll go ahead and do a sign off here thanks for joining Claire myself for this hey if you have not already subscribed please do be sure to click on the bell icon get notified for more videos come out and you can see these can share with friends who might be interested in seen and ear irrigated we have other medical videos too until next time Claire myself telling you to stay in good health

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