Block Red Shadow | Makeup Tutorial

For today’s makeup tutorial I wil
l be doing this look right here I’m finally doing a red eyeshadow
look which I’m very excited about Natasha and I while we were in New York so I’m so excited to be using it and
I hope you enjoy today’s tutorial First I’m putting some eyeshadow primer on Now I’m taking the color love+ from
sugarpill which is a matte red I’m using this flat shading brush from ecotools.
I’m placing the red all over my lid Then using the angled side of the brush I’m taking
more of the red shadow and blocking out the rectangle for the brow I’m first brushing it up with a spoolie and then to get it more of this
feathered look I’m only going to fill it in right here so just the top part then I’m taking a brow mascara
and brushing all the hair up For foundation I’m putting some nars sheer glow on then some concealer I’m just finishing up putting mascara
on my top and bottom lashes I’m going to set my concealer with this e.l.f. hd powder Next I’m highlighting using this physicians formula
highlighter and this real techniques setting brush and then to finish off the look I’m putting this lipgloss
from bare minerals in the color tantalizing honey on okay and that is the finished look

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