What’s up everybody welcome back to my channel today We’re unveiling the blood sugar pressed pigment eyeshadow palette and girl I know the internet is dying to see we open this box so let me jump right into it today we are of course going to show you the entire lovesick collection from Jeffree S tar Cosmetics which features the Coveted blood sugar palette now. Oh my god I’ve been working on this for months, and I’m so excited to finally show you everything It is a different color story than my previous palettes of course Beauty Killer and Androgyny were very unique on their own And they have their own moments and now it’s time for the future so 2018 here We are my brand of course turned 3 years old just a few months ago, and it is just so unreal that Everything just keeps growing and you guys are loving everything that I’m putting out so first of all before I even unveil everything Thank you for the support And I literally do everything for you guys so seeing the feedback from the packaging so far before you guys have even seen me open Everything was like crazy So thank you for that that really just made me even extra excited to just show everything so this collection is all Red of course red red red girl. We are in the red season. I have done pink for so long I’m like what is next. We’ve done chrome. We’ve done yellow. We’ve done. White cap. We’ve done black. We’ve done. Hologram. We’ve done pink We’ve done everything, so I’m like girl. What is next red chrome was speaking to me. I love it It’s almost just like a Valentine’s Day Terminator. Type of vibe of course you guys are gonna see everything in a minute I think it’s time for me to shut my mouth And show you guys the palette now blood sugar of course is my third palette and when you buy it BAM It comes in a box like this now look I am so excited to show you guys everything so we’re about to pop this baby open but before I even open this I do want to say I wanted to create something a little different now in the makeup industry I Know a lot has already been done before so it’s like what can you do for a palette? I was very inspired by like doctor medical boxes. I’m very into the medical field in general. I love reading books and watching Documentaries on Netflix I am just a very into that whole thing so when I was thinking of a theme or what to do I? Started to create these shades in the lab, and they were very like we’ll see in a second. I know everyone They’re very like you’ll see the story it’s just different so I wanted to show that with the box this comes in a I’m gonna say a VCR like box if you don’t know what a VCR is they’re ancient But you pull out the palette like this so of course you can see the clasps right away all the info is on the back, and this is kind of like a Book like moment, but everything of course is here all the product info Now let’s unveil her let’s open her up she slides out like this and of course This is a little thicker than a normal pallet So of course you guys know the androgyny palette is very thin this one is big. This is like a literal box So you see the difference now this one is heavy not like overwhelmingly heavy, but girl you know I love a luxurious expensive feeling box or packaging so this one definitely has some really nice weight to it now of course we have the clasps where you open the Packaging and are we ready for the unveiling all right you guys here is the debut of? The blood sugar pallet so when you first open up the pallet you will notice that the pan sizes are smaller than my previous Pallets now listen these pallets. I took it there when I first launched my brand I wanted to go really big like go big or go home And these are massive it takes people months and months to even hit pan on this so I thought okay We’re gonna do 18 shades now beauty killer androgyny had 10 I want to do more so when I was thinking of the design. I’m like okay We’re gonna make the pans smaller But I’m gonna show you a comparison right now compared to a Mac Shadow these pans are still very large So I’m going to show just a normal eye shadow of course. This is not me shading anyone I’m just showing you a comparison because so many people I know we’re going to ask so here is the size of a mac Eyeshadow which of course is a little circle so you guys of course can see the comparison these are still really big pan sizes and Because the internet wants to know all the damn t i’m literally going to pop one of these shadows out that i’ve already been using And show you exactly how big they are? So here is the size of the pan it goes in deep so it’s not like a really thin Where you literally get like no product you get a nice amount of products so that? Is the pan size for this of course now? I did make a component that had 18 pans with being Huge size that are in these girl. It was so bulky and massive I was like no one wants and no one’s gonna want to travel with this or carry this around so I did make the pen size smaller but You still get a lot of product now of course everyone is gonna. Be asking. What is the price now? I did have to charge a few more dollars in my previous pallets of course There is eight more shades, and you are getting this amazing packaging that is very custom so the blood-sugar palette will retail for $52 I tried to keep it very fair now for $52 if you divide everything that is literally two dollars and 80 cents per shadow girl you know what it is so I want to be very fair with this, and I think you guys will agree for this type of Setup, and how many shades there are I think $52 is a very fair and of course everything else in the collection has the same Price as the previous stuff, so let’s dive in and talk about the colors now There is gonna be a million swatches all over the internet There’s gonna be a lot of tutorials including one in a few days on my channel So I’m not going to do a bunch of swatches all over my body. I feel like when you’re showing off eyes shadow It’s really all about how you apply them with the brush or what you use I think digging your finger in and rubbing them on your arm is all right for some Instagram moments But literally no one is going to apply this entire palette with their fingers That’s just not realistic so I think when people show off their pigments or anything a lot of the times I’ve even swatched a palette from other brands where it looks beautiful on the arm your swatching and you’re like Oh my god, and then you put it on the lid And it’s like crazy and not great so I think showing finger swatches isn’t it’s like We’re gonna show you all the colors of course right now, and I’m gonna like dig into some But let’s go through all of them from top second and third row now a lot of the shade names are medical Dentistry desserts sweet. It’s very like all in that realm, so the first shade is called glucose of course It is a pure matte white I have never created one yet And I just love a matte matte white so you will notice there are three formulas in this palette of course we have the iconic matte shades and the matte formula that is in my previous palettes and There are three metallic shades right here We have blood sugar sweetener and candy floss and then we have a high-bred breast pigment Which is like almost glitter foil and metallic in one next is Sugar cane it is a very soft cool tone Brown perfect for in that crease if you just want to do a transition shade Easy next we have cake mix which is a deeper brown That is very nice for building and just creating a perfect flawless smoky Eye, and then next we have outch Which is a even deeper more warm tone kind of camel brown color? I love this all over the lid next we have donor which I’m just gonna swatch this now with my finger It is so oh so creamy it’s like hi there It is a very blinding, so I’m just gonna do a little swatch even though. I don’t like finger swatches I’m gonna show you guys real quick just how? Easy that is to apply now metallic shades I like to taking with my finger sometimes and Pat them on the lid, and then I’ll take a brush and Do extra and just kind of go in there and soften it and then next to complete the full brown smokey. Eye Moment to get that look we have intravenous here Which is a very beautiful more dark warm tone chocolate brown, so of course if you are afraid of neon colors This top row will be your best friend But if you’re into diving into a little more fun the rest of the palette will Definitely intrigue you now candy floss which if you do not know that is what people in the UK or England call Cotton candy now when I travelled there for the first time ten years ago I was dying for dessert, and they had this like bag And it said candy floss and I’m like this can’t cotton candy and everyone’s like duh. That’s what we call it here I love that name so I used that for this beautiful metallic pink shade I actually have this one I need my little wand so I have this shade right here today Just to give that extra little pop of color next we have this matte shade which is almost like a it’s like a soft Orange tone like it’s it’s different. I love it It’s called Tong pop And it’s really great for in the crease very good for a transition shade just like sugar cane or cake mix It just has a little bit of like a flavor to it and this today I am wearing blended out really very softly up here and of course we have glucose below the eyebrow so on the brow bone now we have Sweetener next to this. This is a full-on blinding metallic shade is very pretty it has pink tones And it’s kind of peachy it has a little bit of like golden undertone. It is bilal As’ alright next we have a cavity of course now if you have been following me for a long time You know that I have had a lot of dental work I’ve been haunted by my teeth problem since I was a baby you guys I’ve had like 30 cavities from a baby to an adult I’ve had eight root canals. I’ve had my whole entire mouth restored it has been a crazy Journey, okay like one day. I’m gonna do a video storytime about that and show you guys the before and afters It’s scary And I am wearing cavity all over here today now next we have o+ now that is a more Muted cool-toned gray brown I love it It’s really good for transition and also for mixing with the bright colors if you want to dim them down a little bit alright so root canal is a Vibrant ultra violet purple pink hybrid it is so stunning We actually use some of it today to mix in here It is just a very bright color packet on the lid put it in your crease put it in your inner corner It’s for you, baby Let’s go down to the third row as you see the shade prick has a needle stamp into it instead of the normal Jst logo, I wanted to do something a little different so I did different stamps for these corners now This shade is called prick so I used a needle so that color can see it Pat it all Over my lid it looks so pretty like it’s such a vibrant color It’s probably the brightest shade in the palette Besides cavity now moving on next to it is I had to create a matte red shade so cherry soda is Red it is straight-up red. I’ve always wanted to create a red shadow I’ve been wearing red shadow as probably since like literally eighth grade like my first color ever if you’ve watched some of my story times I wore a red eye shadow in eighth grade to school, and they called my mom like girl We got to talk and I remember stealing that rusty red color from my mom so – the cherry soda We also have another one called fresh meat which is a more dark like Mulberry Burgundy shade perfect for these mixing in like I live for this color this one is actually Under my lid right under here Em and then blended out with cherry soda now next to fresh meat we have blood sugar of course I named a shade after the palette and this is a straight up rusty red I’m actually gonna just touch with my finger. I hate rolling the pans, so it is very like dark rusty. I love it I want to smoke out my entire lash line with it. We’ll just show you a little Red right there boom. I live for red shadows and then next to blood sugar we have Extraction which is a darker version of fresh meat as you can see the tones are very different? This is more red, and this is like a straight-up plum burgundy color and last But not least we have shade coma which as you can see the medical? Symbol is embossed and there and stamped in and I put the shade today all in here and mixed it so basically I’m wearing a lot of these colors, and I just went and Actually, I didn’t go in lipstick NIC went in and we have a lot of tutorials coming up of looks She created for this beauty campaign and the entire palette we’re gonna recreate them of course for my channel so that will be coming up Shortly alright you guys so as you can see here is the entire Blood-sugar palette of course before we even dive into the other products. I want you to pause this video I want you to sound off down below and let me know your immediate thoughts now that you have finally seen it I think that this one is very I’m gonna say the word wearable because there are so Many looks you can create with this, and I really can’t wait to see what you guys all do with it I am just like over the moon and on cloud nine right now. Also the packaging is faux leather I wish there was another word for that because it sounds weird. It’s fake leather It’s not real so of course you guys know my brand is vegan and cruelty free nothing has changed here also I do want to talk about so this is a pressed pigment Palette if you have ever used the Urban Decay electric palette or other stuff like that Mac has pressed pigments Basically, we’re gonna. Give you it guys a little science lesson right now so when you use a vegan formula Red’s pinks purples and that nature are really hard to perfect and make amazing so if you want smooth Creamy mattes you want the pigment to be off the chain you’ve got to use Red dyes because if you are a vegan brand you cannot use carmine now What is carmine carmine is what a lot of brands who test on animals or who are not cruelty-free? Use in their pigments to really get rich red shades now. What does carmine you can do a quick Google search? I’m gonna tell you right now. It is basically crushed beetles that people use in makeup to get red pigment I wish I could make it up. It’s been happening for years, so carmine is actually very common in cosmetics It’s safe, but if you are not into wearing insects on your eyes You have to use pigments so a lot of these red dyes Can stain the eye area so on the back of the box you will see that it says some of the shades are not? Really allowed near the immediate eye area, so you know me? I am always gonna keep it 100% with you guys you see my eyes They are covered every color is on my lid today So basically it is kind of a warning for people with sensitive eyes So if you were someone that when you wipe off your makeup you don’t want like your lids stained pink or any like Residue in there then you might not want to put it around your media area. Nothing crazy is gonna happen You’re not gonna go blind Nothing wild it’s just legally I have to put that on there because there is red Dyes in here just like urban decay and Mac I always want the best for you guys so that’s why I made the decision to make pressed pigments as well as eye shadow so you will see the shade names half the Palette are pigments and half the palette are regular eye shadows alright Let’s dive into the rest of the lipstick collection so we have a lot more to this collection And I just want to insert this of course everything will be down below if you forget anything But this entire collection does launch February 10th at 10 a.m.. Pacific Standard Time. That is 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and if you don’t know your timezone do a quick search now on February 10th Everything is coming, so I’m going to show up everything we have we of course also have some velour liquid lips now I really wanted to do something fun with the packaging so I know a lot of brands do not do this type of tech But I wanted to really just take it there so with the boxes. I did a really cool. It’s not hologram It’s not holographic. It is a different technology that I found when I visited Some trade shows in Italy in Japan and I found this company that does this it is on Rio You can pick different patterns and shapes into whatever you want I first debuted this with the Mannie mu8 collection as you can see See this how this moves it is literally a heart So it literally has like this side of a heart almost like the you know when you go Has one of the sides on the box so as it moves you can see it go crazy And it’s a very like eye catching And I love it in this collection you get four of a lower liquid lip and we are going to Show them off all right now I’m actually wearing one now with some gloss it is called Self control and of course all the packaging is in red chrome So this shade is a beautiful lilac purple shade and I threw some gloss over it. What is the gloss? I don’t know. Maybe you’ll find out later. This year. The next shade is called Romeo It is a gorgeous kind of like neon coral pink hybrid cult color We’re going to just give her a little swatch right here now. This one is very bright, okay? It is not for the faint of heart. It is very like it, but it almost could be summer but bitch We’re in winter, so you can wear this all year long and this shade girl I am obsessed with it alright. The next shade we have is called problematic It is a gorgeous berry shade that is just straight-up like hi. We’re here. We’re not playing games We’re just gonna swatch this right here BAM. I’m gonna put some more on there You know hand swatches are never pretty you guys, but hey. This is what we’re doing today, so this shade is buildable It’s not streaky, but it is like a color that you definitely can layer twice if you want But you don’t need to I’m actually gonna swatch it self control for you guys So you can see it matte and dry and not with the gloss over it That is that shit is a very opaque such a pretty lilac like girl Work all right and the fourth shade from this collection is called a restraints it is this beautiful cool toned gray metallic Now this is a little bit of a different metallic formula I’m working on something new so let me know how you guys think or feel about it. When you try it It is of course still pigmented as hell but just a little different type of metallic so This one is definitely buildable if you want or you can wear it like with one swipe coverage as always But I just love this shade It’s different from what I’ve put out before and these four together like What do you call it ombre with four from Bree quick reminder in case you are new all of these will retail for $18 just like the pink capped ones, so these of course are staying the same price moving on now, let’s talk about The Leppa munition there are three shades now two of them you may have heard of before We’ll talk about that in a second But of course this comes in the same beautiful crazy box and when you open it you get a red chrome bullet of course with This silver tip. I love how this came out. I’m just like Oh Livid die first of all let’s talk about the two existing shades now these are not lip ammo shades These are actually liquid lip shades that I turned into lip mo because they are so highly requested on my girl We’re gonna do with you so first up we have Androgyny of course I had to make a lip M. Oh girl This is literally my number one most sold liquid lip of all time so we made a matching lip MO Same creamy formula same creamsicle scent and this goes on one swipe coverage stays on for hours a very creamy Satin finish the second shade is Calabasas now this was my number one sold lipstick from last summer. Oh my god You guys came so hard for this and it’s a city. I live in baby I had to make the lip ammo so of course same exact shade as the liquid lip But of course in the satin finish so ignore of the lines in my hands as you guys can see It is the same shade just different formula, and I live for this the third shade is called sinister It is a gorgeous berry shade a little darker than Problematic a lot darker, but I live for this shade you guys ever seen someone swatch on their hands like this This is what I’m doing today. Let’s just go up. My whole pinky like girl look at that yes Bitch one swipe coverage you better work. We have not one, but two JSC handheld mirrors now of course we have the hot red to match all the packaging and in a deep Plum brown color which I live for also a lot of you have been asking away the pink ones are coming back in stock girl Very so maybe a week or two after them They’re on the way production is like they know you guys sold out of this shit, so Quick so of course since the makeup bags had such an amazing response I want to start doing more of them So I made a holographic red one this might be my favorite one of all time I thought the blue and the black we’re killing me like we know I love pink right now, but the red oh I love this now if you’ve never seen these before we have little star logo emblems on them And we have the logo right there a pocket in the front And then there’s actually a lot of room in here for all your stuff so I know a lot of you were like can Palette fit in there. Are you sure and I’m like girl you know I got you so the beauty killer palette can go right in there of course you can put in the androgyny palette if you will you can put lipsticks in the front You can put them inside and where’s the blood sugar palette is she coming on my next trip girl She’s coming hold on. I needed two hands for that so you can literally put all your palettes in there And you are ready to roll you can fit in like with lips Lipsticks compacts anything you want and you were all set so these will of course retail the same price as before this is $25 and the mirrors where you at are 20 right almost last But not least we have three of the lower lip scrubs and of course they come in Chrome a red packaging as well With the same unit carton, and we have three flavors ever since summer this product I know I don’t post about them often, but you guys slay and kill this product. They have been like just selling crazy I’m like high like after the blue raspberry Sucker and the watermelon gum it was a wrap, so I’m like okay orange soda. Everything those are actually coming back They’ve been so highly requested so we brought them back once gone again They’re coming back, but for now the new flavors are and this might be my favorite one We have cherry soda now. Literally God if you’re a cherry person you are going to be obsessed with this one I’ve been diving and into this one a lot. I’m sick. I’m like Mmm. It’s like you can taste the fizz in your mouth. It’s uh It’s so yummy. If you right fruit person or loved cherry suckers candy or gum This is gonna be your new favorite All right the second flavor is candy necklace who wore candy necklaces as a kid you take them you bite them off I wanted to capture that essence and that fragrance and it literally is like so nostalgic when you smell this you are going to Die now if you do not know my lip scrubs are edible of course they are vegan They are infused with aloe vera and a vitamin E So they leave your mouth and skin feeling full lawless now. I did of course different sugar colors for everything I Can’t so before you put on any lipstick doesn’t have to be mine of course you can’t Use this and it will leave you like some mood and also you can use them for dry skin I’m not kidding if your forehead is feeling a little alligator girl do a scoop rub Relax all right now the third flavor is chocolate covered strawberry probably one of my favorite things to eat at night like girl mmm You know what she got the munchies. It is so yummy, and I did the sugar a little baby pink now I’ve been using this one and scooping it out and of course if you do not know these are also hand made so everything is Handled with care, so those are the three flavors Let me know down below, which one is your favorite, so let’s just watch you barking a girl All right, you guys know last, but not least this is gonna be a little mystery, okay I know you guys are maybe gonna roll your eyes and want to slap me upside my head, but for the February season Mmm. We have a new Mini liquid lip bundle hi and the shades You’ll have to see in a future video all right. I know I’m annoying but I just kind of wanna do something different I’m sure a lot of you can guess what’s in here is a lot of your favorite shade so of course this will be included Anything February 10th launch for the lovesick collection, but for now let’s just play a guessing game, but let’s have a little fun All right you guys. Thank you so much for watching today’s reveal. I am just like I can’t stop smiling my face hurts I’m just really happy. This is such a fun and proud moment I’m so excited to expand and grow my brand and thank you guys for being here with me now If you did not know you can now shop my brand at every morphe brushes store location I’m sure a lot of you saw my snapchat of doing a grand opening here in California a Morpheus from, California So they are in several malls we have Brea we have Rancho, Cucamonga We have Valley Fair up north we have Burbank, California And there’s a lot more locations you guys they have Cerritos Fresno there There’s a lot of stores coming and I’m really really excited to grow with them So you can shop my entire collection my whole brand there in person if of course you are near a city But if not you guys know the drill jeffree star cosmetics February 10th 10 a.m.. Pacific Standard Time. Thank you so much for watching this reveal I cannot wait for you guys to hold this in your hands and play with it This is like my proud moment right here and just to really take it there I can’t wait for you guys to also see my summer palette and the fall palette and the holiday palette, okay. I love you. Bye


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