Blue Blocking Glasses! COMPUTER GLASSES!

so I bought these new glasses off of
Amazon for $11 they’re supposed to help with the strain of the blue coming off
of my computer screen so I’m looking at the pewter screen for 12 hours straight
hopefully it’s gonna help what do you guys think so people are always asking
me why are my eyes red why why are my eyes so red well one of the reasons I’m
always on the computer I’m always staring at the computer screen and I’m
on the computer for 10 12 hours a day trading editing doing social media stuff
whatever I’m doing on computer I’m doing stuff on a computer for hours and hours
and obviously there’s a lot of just kind of blue light bouncing off the screen
and I actual screen is really bad for your eyes and I’ve been doing some
research and I finally bought these new glasses and you’re probably wondering
you really bought into a scam didn’t he so I’ve actually got these new blue
blocker glasses these are basically supposed to cut down on the amount of
blue light that’s coming off of the screens which I was wearing him last
night Oh everything looks better the idea is it’s supposed to cut down the
blue light when I’m looking at the screen for hours all that blue light and
crazy brightness of the screen is affecting my eyeballs and that’s why my
eyes are always so red so the strain on my eyes is being affected so I’m gonna
use these glasses this week I’ve used in the last couple of nights I do feel a
little bit better actually my eyes feel a little less strained editing and stuff
I can wear these glasses gonna help cut back on the strange there’s no
magnification with these glasses it’s literally just to cut down on the blue
glare coming off of the monitor so I’m gonna see how it works
over the next week you guys can laugh at me in the livestream or whatever you
want while I’m wearing these glasses but hopefully they help my eyes always be
like they’re very tire like they’re red and you know I use different eye drops
it just does not help ten dollars and maybe help my eyes and make you feel a
little less tired at night when I’m going to bed my eyes always feel so
strained obviously sitting here all day long 12 hours a day on the computer is
not healthy either way you know mentally physically and for my eyes it’s just not
good I try to get outside as much as possible but for now we’ll see how it
goes these are some cheap little glasses that I got off of Amazon they’re pretty
lightweight so that’s one good benefit I was kind of worried it might be too
heavy on my head and obviously my head is huge so I kind
of need a larger frame you know I kind of look pretty cool I feel like I have
another kind of James Bond look to me hopefully I don’t look too dorky with
these glasses on hope it’s gonna help my eyeballs during the week when I’m
trading all day or I’m editing and kind of see if it helps so we’ll see
I’ll give you guys my review in a week if you have use these glasses four of
you have a better idea for me to help reduce the strain on my eyeballs from
looking at the computer screen all day leave a comment below let me know what
you guys think if you think this is just a total scam or maybe it’s an I help
we’ll see I’ve done a little bit of research people say that does help like
I said I use these glasses the last couple days I feel you know at the end
of the day I felt a little less strain on my eyeballs I’m not sure if it’s just
like an Abba SIBO effect maybe my head is just like hey you know you feel less
strain because you think you’re wearing glasses placebo effects working maybe
doesn’t we’ll see we’ll see if my eyes are less red by the end of the week I’m
gonna try to wear these glasses every single time on the computer it’s kind of
funny cuz every time I come in your computer I put my glasses on it’s like
I’m an old man wearing glasses looking at the computer screen all day but we’ll
see so maybe you guys are on the fence about what to do if you have strained
eyes like me and my eyes are literally always bloodshot because like I said I’m
always on the pier I’m always looking at my phone I’m always doing all this stuff
you know looking at late Tronics right here in my face and we’ll see who’s
gonna help he was gonna cut back some of that redness and strain on my eyeballs
make a little bit more sophisticated maybe people will think I know what I’m
talking about what I’m talking about stocks are talking about money now that
I’m wearing glasses so we’ll see how that works out
stay tuned if you haven’t already make sure you subscribe a channel see what
happens in a week for now I’ll leave my review if these glasses actually helped
or not


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