Body Piercings Information : Healing Infected Tongue Piercings

Hi, I’m Kerri and I’m at Zebra in Berkeley.
I’m here to talk about treating a tongue piercing infection. Tongue piercing infections are
rare. Tongue piercings are the fastest-healing piercing in your body because it’s the most
important to your body. When they do get infected, it’s bad. Really bad. The signs of a tongue
infection is extreme discoloration and coating of the tongue, sometimes in a yellow or greenish
color. You will also see pus coming out of the entry and exit holes of the tongue. Tongue
piercings are very dangerous when they do get infected, and so I’m not even going to
give any other option except for to go see a doctor. If you’re not sure if your piercing
is infected or not, please visit your local professional body piercer and they will be
able to tell you if it is truly infected or just going through the normal healing process.


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