BREAST MILK TO CURE PAIN IN CHILD EARS II स्तनपान से करे बच्चे के कान दर्द का उपचार II

Welcome to healthcare at home. Today we are going to give solution for new born baby’s. Normally new born baby’s cries a lot, but while crying if they take their hands towards their ears that means they have pain in the ears. That time parents get worried and dont understand what to do, so run to the doctor . There is a very simple and olden days remedy for that. What you have to do is, put two drops of mothers breast milk in to each ears of baby. You will see that within 10 minutes baby will stop crying, as his ear pain will be gone. Isnt it a fantastic remedy. Anyways we always wish that you stay healthy,
stay happy and be busy and keep watching our show. Jai Hind. Thank you.


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