Brie Larson Shows Off Her Dance Moves with tWitch

You mentioned that
you have been dancing. You didn’t mention
that, but I’m saying it. Yeah, we didn’t
talk before this. No, not at all. Now you know that. Yes, you have been
dancing lately. I have been. Why is that? My heart. It’s good for the soul. It is. Yeah. It’s good for joy. It just– it brings joy out. So we have a new game
we’ve been playing. It’s called can tWitch dance dot
dot dot with what’s behind him? And today, we’re going to play
an even newer game, can tWitch and Brie dance with
what’s behind them? Can tWitch and Brie
dance dot dot dot with what’s behind them? All right. You guys have to copy
the dances behind you until I hit the buzzer and
move on to the next video. And for everyone
that you complete, our friends at
Shutterfly are going to donate $1,000 to the
Captain Marvel challenge. Tell everybody
what that is, Brie. Yeah. So the Captain Marvel
challenge is a way to get, in particular, girls
who don’t have the means to go to the theater. they
don’t have the money to get them in the
theater to see this movie. So it’s really awesome. We have a GoFundMe started. And a lot of teachers
in particular are putting things up so
they can take their students. We did it with the
Black Panther challenge. This was not started by me. Started by a dude named
Frederick, who’s super cool. And so now we’re carrying
it on with this movie. All right. Here we go. Let’s get it. Let’s do it. You will dance until I hit
the button for the next dance. Good luck. [MUSIC – MADONNA, “VOGUE”] (SINGING) Come on, vogue. Let your body move to the music. Hey, hey, hey. Come on, vogue. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC – BRITNEY SPEARS, “OOPS,
I DID IT AGAIN”] (SINGING) Oops, I did it again. I played with your heart,
got lost in the game, oh, baby baby. Oops, I did it again. [MUSIC – SIA, “TITANIUM”] You look like the girl or guy. Which one are you doing? Oh, I’m going to do– I guess I’m the guy. OK, cool. I’ll be the– OK. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] All the way. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m stuck. Hold up. [MUSIC – N*SYNC, “BYE BYE BYE”] (SINGING) fool for you. Just another player
in your game for two. You may hate me, but it ain’t
no lie, baby bye bye bye. I don’t really want to make
it tough, I just want to– [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC – SALT’N’PEPA, “PUSH IT”] (SINGING) Ooh, baby baby. Baby baby. I think we’re done. I’m good. Yeah. I think we are. Yeah, I think we did all right. All right. That’s it. [CHEERING] Shutterfly believes
in supporting causes like Captain Marvel challenge. They’re going to round it up to
$10,000 for the Captain Marvel challenge. Captain Marvel opens March 8th. We’ll be right back.


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