Brielle Takes Ellen to Space and on Safari!

I heard you were really excited when you
heard you were coming back to visit.>>I was so excited, I ran
to the garage to get my suitcase.>>[LAUGH]
>>So I could pack.>>That’s so cute,
you went and got your suitcase.>>That’s why I want to live at
the studio because it’s so much fun here.>>I know, well we love having you here,
every time you’re here, we love having you here. And look at you with your suitcase all
excited and we gave you matching outfits, you and your little brother Kayden.>>He loved it he didn’t spit up on it.>>[LAUGH]
>>No he didn’t spit up on it. Look how cute you all look together. And I loved it because I’d been looking
for jammies to match my brother.>>[LAUGH].>>Well I’m so glad we did that then. You’re such a good big sister, aren’t you?>>Thank you.>>You’re so sweet. Can I ask you some more questions
about the solar system? We didn’t get to finish last time.>>We didn’t.>>No, I know, and
you were very disappointed. Tell me what this is. The International Space Station. The International Space Station
is a habitable, human made satellite
that orbits the earth. The space station completes
15.5 orbits a day. This means that the space
crew onboard the station experience a sunrise or
sunset every 92 minutes. That would be really confusing.>>[LAUGH]
>>It sure would! Just when you get up,
you have to go to bed again. That’s, tell me about this.>>It would sure be pretty.>>It sure would be pretty.>>But I never been awake for a sunrise.>>You haven’t?
>>No.>>You should wake up some day for
a sunrise. So you love all the planets so much. Tell me about this one.>>That is Mercury. Only two space craft have
ever visited Mercury. And did you know that
Mercury has wrinkles? As the iron cool off the planet called and contracted, the surface became wrinkled.>>Wow.
>>And wrinkles have a silly name. The silly name is orbit’s slope. The slopes can be up to a mile high and
hundreds of miles long. Those are big wrinkles.>>Those are big wrinkles. [APPLAUSE]
>>Wow. That’s something you don’t find here.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right we have again we’re out of time but did you
like the supermoon the other night? Did you see the supermoon?>>I saw the moon.>>Yeah, there was a supermoon,
it was a big extra big moon. All right so there’s a new episode of Brilliant which
I don’t think anybody has seen yet. If you wanna watch it together?>>Yes please.>>Let’s watch it.>>I love it. Because I get to watch it with you for
the first time.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Then, let’s watch it together.>>Okay.
>>[SOUND]>>Hi, I’m Brielle! [MUSIC] Today we’re gonna go on a safari! [MUSIC] Today, we’re gonna learn about
animals that come from Africa! Giraffes are known to be
the tallest animal of the world. And their tongue is 18 inches long which
is long enough to reach into his ear. [SOUND] Elephants can get sunburned. Ouch! So they throw dirt on their backs and heads to keep from getting sunburned. [SOUND] Whoopsies. Elephant down.>>[LAUGH]
>>Attack. [MUSIC] This sure is hard to lift elephants. [MUSIC] Phew! Did you know that cheetahs can purr,
but they can’t growl! So all of us now that
cheetahs are fast runners. 71 miles an hour. But did you know that when cheetahs run, only one foot touches
the ground at a time. Every zebra has a unique
pattern of black and white stripes, similar to fingerprints. See my fingerprint? Nobody has fingerprints like me. Zebras are very social animals. They will only go to sleep if
another Zebra’s close to them. This is a rhino. A rhino’s horn is not a bone,
it’s a hard mass of keratin. Similar to toenail material! A toenail on your nose?! I wouldn’t want a toenail on my nose but
I guess it works for the rhinos. Thank you for
learning about safari animals with me. See you next time! [APPLAUSE]
>>That was good!>>Thanks
>>Thank you.>>That was really good.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s always good to learn from you. You can see more episodes of
Brielle-iant at

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