ByField Optics at Land Forces 2014

ByField Optics manufactures two technologies, one is the world-first patent of integrated polarised lenses in binoculars, which gives
added tactical advantage in binocular use by taking away reflection over distance. In
doing so we’ve been able to increase capability of magnification and also the ability to identify enemies or items of interest that normally have been hidden by reflection.
The second product that we do is a range of ballistic-certified polarised and non-polarised sunglasses. We have been designing them now for some time for operators in the Middle
East, in Afghanistan and Iraq. They’re optically correct, protect against UV ABC, and have
a very, very high standard of ocular clarity. All of our products are designed and engineered here in Australia and we’ve designed them specifically for our environment which we
know to be the harshest in the world, and that’s why we categorically stamp our logo of ‘toughest under the sun’.

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