Can Dry Eye Cause Blurry Vision? ? PLUS DRY EYE TREATMENT

Can dry eyes cause blurry vision? I’m Dr.
Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and in the next 10 minutes we’re going over
pretty much everything to do with dry eyes, symptoms and a little bit
of the treatment as well If you have blurry vision associated
with dry eye, let us know in the comments down below and when this video gets to a
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below who you are and where you’re joining us from and if it’s your first time
joining us or if you’re a regular We love hearing about the people that
watch this show and where you’re from With that being said, let’s jump into the
content and go over what is or answer the question what is dry eye. All right, so
from the Dry Eye Workshop II, they say that dry eye is a multi factorial disease
and this basically means that there isn’t one thing that’s causing your dry
eyes. It’s likely a combination of many things that could be causing it to occur
or at least contributing to it have glands that are located in and
around our eyelids and these glands help us make tears so healthy tears consist
of three parts that consists of oil water and mucus and each part plays a
vital role in the overall health of the eye The water adds moisture. The oil
protects the water from evaporation and the mucus allows the tears to just
spread evenly over the front of the eyes The problem becomes when we don’t
have the right balance of these three ingredients in our tears so maybe we’re
not making enough of the watery layer or the oils that we’re making just are of
low quality so this can all lead to dry eye disease now blinking I want to talk
about that a little bit because blinking is crucial to understanding dry eye and
understanding how the eyes in the eyelids function anyway it spreads
the tears across the front of the eye which also causes excess tears
to be pushed out of this drainage system into your nose but a lack of blinking
which is very common in our society today with all of our computer
use in smartphone use this lack of blinking can over time
increase inflammation and it can really make it difficult for those tears to
just evenly spread over the front of your eyes now we’re going to answer the
question can dry eyes cause blurry vision so the question you guys came for
and a very short answer to this question is a yes and so blurry vision is a very
common symptom of dry eye syndrome we see it all the time and as Dr. Jenna just
stated your tear layer is vital for your vision and in for dry eye
in general so every time we blink we bring all three of those components of
tears together and what happens is if we don’t have a good tear layer or especially an oily layer the tears break up and so when they break up it’s almost like looking through a foggy glass windshield like on your car or
think of a dirty glass windshield every time we blink, it cleans up that
windshield and it gets the tears re-established and depending
on how long they can stay established will depend on how long your vision will
be stable and if you have what’s called a short tear break up time you guys have
probably heard of that a TBUT your break up time if you have a short
TBUT then you’re going to have really blurry vision or fluctuating vision and so
first off if you’re having blurry vision problems get your prescription checked
but if your vision fluctuates a lot that usually means that you have dry eye and
so you need to get that taken care of which we’re going to go into pretty soon
but if you’re serious about getting rid of your dry eye for good make sure you
head to and check out our new book Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment
you can get for free for a limited time with a purchase and that’s at so let’s go over some other symptoms of dry eye so some of the other
symptoms that you might notice are a burning sensation, itchy eyes, heavy eyes,
aching, fatigue, sore eyes redness, dryness sensation, and even
photophobia or light sensitivity in some cases We’re going to go over the treatment for
dry eye syndrome Number one way to treat any disease
really is to find the root cause of dry eye which is easier said than done
but 95% to 99% of disease is inflammatory based and so pretty much figuring out
how to decrease the inflammation in your body is the biggest thing you can do for
almost any disease in your body It can be great for your dry eye. It can
be great for your body and it can be great for high blood pressure and
diabetes and so everything we discuss is all about working with alongside your
eye doctor with what they’re recommending but what we recommend is
for you to kind of rethink how you are treating your dry eye and focus on your
body as a whole and so number one staying hydrated is massively huge 80% of us walkaround dehydrated and
so staying hydrated is the number one thing we recommend number two is
focusing on a plant-based alkalizing diet so using organic fruits and organic
vegetables to really help decrease the acidity of your body and make your body
more at a basic state or an alkalizing state that’s going to decrease cancer
that’s going to decrease inflammation in your body it’s going to make you feel
better as a whole and then stop eating inflammatory causing foods which are
processed foods, sugar, and anything that causes inflammation in your body so if
you’ve never taken a food sensitivity test you can find out
what’s causing inflammation in your body but a pretty easy fix, if it’s in a box
or a can or if it has added sugar just try to avoid it and there’s so many
more things but that’s for another day Number four decrease the stress in your
life. Stress increases cortisol which increases inflammation and so there is
an amount of cortisol that is good for your body but if you have too much it’s
just going to cause more inflammation and focus on your sleep so many of us don’t focus on our sleep and it’s the most important thing you can do for your body
your brain is restoring just your health general and we go into this in great
detail in our book Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment so seriously go check it out
at and we’re giving it to you for free if you make a purchase so
you can literally buy our 1 ounce for $17 you pay for shipping as well because it’s
under 30 but you’d get this free This is a $30 value and trust me
you will not regret reading this book after we have a great base
as far as decreasing inflammation in your body we want to focus on your
eyelid hygiene and the reason we focus on eyelid hygiene is because your
eyelids are responsible for the oily layer of your tears so Dr. Jenna talked
about earlier you have your oily layer your water layer and mucin layer if any
of those are disrupted you’re going to have fluctuating vision you’re going to have dry
eye and so if we can get that oily layer especially in place that’s going to
prevent the tears from evaporating and so the oily layer comes from oil glands
inside your eyelid if we decrease the inflammation on your eyelid that’s going to make the tears a lot more stable and so a good eyelid hygiene is
if you wear makeup take it off at night always take it off at night and completely also remove your eye makeup and the number two wash your
face with a tea tree oil based face cleanser or face soap number three apply a
warm compress after you do that a warm converse is simply a
commercial mask put in the microwave for about 20 seconds put it over your
closed eyes for about 20 minutes then just do a gentle massage there’s more
advanced massages which I’ll post down in the links below and that’s going to show
you Dr. Jenna’s routine everything that she does but you can go
check those out a little bit later and then number four make sure you cleanse
your eyelids afterwards with a hypochlorous acid eyelid cleanser just make sure that you are hydrating your
body that you’re moving your body that you’re feeding it
well I can’t stress enough the importance of getting rid of processed
foods in your diet add in healthy whole foods like organic fruits and vegetables
eat things that contain one ingredient that’s the best thing that you can
do for your body broccoli, apple, carrot, that’s one ingredient Do you have blurry vision associated with
your dry eye? Let us know in the comments below and when this video gets to a
hundred comments, we’ll pick the lucky winner to win a Heyedrate Lid and Lash
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so many things that we’re going through in our life that are causing toxicities
and inflammation in our body and trust me if you go through this book and just
read it then you will love the way you feel afterwards and I know I sound like I’m
selling this book I love what I wrote and what we wrote in
this book so much that we’ve had thousands of patients use what we teach
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it’s us too. I mean we can all do better in our life so get the book. Read it.
Implement it. You’ll love it. I guess I’ll say one more side note or just rambling
now so a side note on this so everything we teach in this book has helped us in
two different ways number one is we were diagnosed with infertility a lot of you
know that already but if you don’t we were diagnosed with infertility told we
could never have kids and that was pretty much it Western medicine kind of said you’re on your own we can’t help you so we explored other routes of medicine and we’re both
Western medicine trained doctors we found a way that worked and we have one
kid he’s almost 2 years old now we have another one due in February so what we learned in that process we pretty much summed up and thought to
ourselves why can’t this work for dry eye too so we tried it out on about 100
people and the results were amazing That’s why we wrote the book. That’s
why we released the book. That’s why we work with people to help them heal their
dry eye naturally and then finally number two is a lot of people that have
been following us for a while knew that a year ago I started trying to heal my
thyroid disease naturally. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I’ve had it
since 1999 so a 20-year anniversary I got it when I was 8th grade. I didn’t know what caused it then and I am almost
completely off my medication so we just went for my routine visit and we cut my
medication in half I’m down to a 125 mg I was up to 375 mg at one point
and I’m down to 125 mg now and again it’s things we teach in this book and
I’m slowly taking the steps that I know I need to take to finally cut it out
completely they might be tough they are tough but health
on the other side is a lot more important to me than the vice that I
have that’s preventing me from feeling better go check out the book and put any questions that you have in the comments below and
let’s jump over just to a couple questions that we have literally from
people so we’ll slowly just thinking about how I need my weekly eyelid fix
perfect so glad we could help I wear soft contacts which helps as
my eyes dry out with glasses I have punctal plugs, use Xiidra OTC eye drops
along with Geteal gel at night The formula has helped tremendously.
That’s great to hear and you know that’s opposite of what a lot of people
experience. Many people experience dryness with contact lenses but I’m
actually similar to you I am more comfortable with contact lenses in than
I am with glasses and that’s just everybody’s different but there are
reasons for why you’re more comfortable like so a long one here I
haven’t really had blurry vision as much as the inability to focus at times
during the day without any morning My main issue is the grittiness that comes
along with the inflammation and having a few autoimmune issues inflammation is
not my friend but have changed my diet, increased the
water, and taken all of your great tips even with my eye doctor once need to
bring your book to our next appointment that’s awesome he has been super
impressed by what I passed along to him plus your products his words keep doing
what you’re doing as it’s working I’m going to take Ashley in that because we’ll
try to get your doctor on board as a wholesaler and then they say so thank you
wish I knew he said that if I had to guess it’s Mary
Jane well thank you everyone and then let us know in the comments if you have
any questions and then let us know where you’re joining us from


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