Can your pet get an ear infection?

so kids get ear infections all the time but can my pet get in your infection rack skiing a dr. Christian brought hers from clay humane and Dave the cat who was healing up quite nicely he came to us with a broken leg he’s about four months old so kittens are healing machines so another month or so in a splint and he should be a-okay oh that is wonderful so cats and dogs are kind of different as far as ear infections absolutely they’re much more common in the dogs though they are because dogs tend well dogs tend to be pretty heavily affected by allergies and allergies are our number one underlying cause when it comes to ear infections especially we get allergies when we tend to get hay fee for dogs and cats cat allergies and they tend to get dermatitis and dogs it’s really bad in the ears so what do I want to look for in dog’s ear so what we’re looking for in dog years is smell drainage discharge redness and pain kind of rubbing their head or does your dog doesn’t want you to touch their ears that’s that’s a pretty common sign in dogs and cats they tend to have ear mite infections more commonly than anything else and those are rather dry infections but they’re very very itchy so if you touch your cat’s ears and they just can’t stop shaking their heads very alike you’re likely your doing with the ear mites so as far as if I’m at home and I notice Dave here or a dog has some sort of infection what do I want to do do I need to go see a vet can I just treat this at my house what I want to do you absolutely should go see a vet the reason being if you’re treating it for ear mites and your dog has a yeast infection you’re treating the wrong problem you can make it worse not better okay and as far as when you go to the vet is it are these difficult things to conquer you know they’re there they’re typically not if you let ear infections get out of control they can be very problematic but typically speaking you go to the vet you’re going to get a notice copping exam we’ll take a look in there we’ll take a sample with a q-tip and look at it under the slide and tell you whether we’re dealing with bacteria yeast or what and I want to backtrack on the the letting it linger hmmm some people think well maybe it’ll heal on its own maybe it’ll pass does that ever happen or whether your infections that doesn’t not very seldom very seldom the ears a good environment for things to grow and for problems to happen so the sooner you take care of it the better and is this one of the more common things and animals that pet owners deal with absolutely the majority of what we see on a daily basis is dermatitis a large amount of that is ears okay and on a cat who’s more serious is that the dog or the cat if you have the if you have the ear infection the one I need to be more prioritizing a budget is an issue or whatever the case may be is it a cat more required to get it to a vet soon or a dog well young cats especially young male cats tend to develop what we call nasopharyngeal pots which are little tumors in the ear and that can be a very serious problem can affect their balance if left untreated dogs are more likely to have your infections but they can have more serious problems in cats and one other question on the time frame I’m waiting when I start noticing something in my animal because a lot of times we’re looking at our animal or like I don’t know if I want to go to the vet yet or not what what is my time frame do I have hours to have a few days few weeks what is well most people don’t even notice it for a couple of days at least so it’s not we’re not talking an emergency but certainly not something I’ve let linger for six months before go getting and evaluated a couple of days to a week is a good idea okay well it’s something important to notice and one of the more common things you guys see a claim absolutely absolutely well dr. Christian brought hers thank you so much and if you want more information on this subject at any time in contact clay humane their number is nine zero four two seven six seven seven two nine thank you

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