Cat Care: Fleas & Parasites : What Do Worms in Cats Look Like?

Well, let’s talk about what do worms, intestinal
worms look like in cats. Sometimes, you may not see anything. And so, if you think that
your cat has some internal parasites; especially kittens, which they all do typically, check
with your veterinary clinic first. Intestinal parasites can cause diarrhea, weight loss,
become you know looking thin, or or an enlarged abdominal appearance, but occasionally, you
may see something pass in the stool or be vomited. And so, round worms are one thing
that are typically seen in cats that can be passed through the stool. They are spaghetti-like
in appearance. They are round shaped but long, and so you may see those occasionally in vomit
or in stool; either way in cats sometimes. Another type of worm that is seen very commonly
in cats are tapeworms. Tapeworms they get from ingesting fleas. Typically, they are
segmented, and so you usually don’t see a long tapeworm come out in the stool or vomit.
What you see would be a small segment come out. And most of the time, a cat that has
tapeworms, you’ll see dried rice appearing segments around the tail. They’ll be stuck
in the hair. Those segments have eggs in them. Those are not individual worms. They are actually
segments of the large worm. It’s rare to see an entire worm that comes out.


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