Cat OR Hawk: 2018 Dodge Widebody Hellcat vs Jeep Trackhawk 1414 HP Review!

this is a great problem to have when you think about it if you’ve got just under a hundred thousand dollars to spend on a 707 horsepower vehicle you get the all-wheel drive power deep or you get the Hellcat with the wide body and the wider tire so that you can put all that power down you know there’s only one way to find out and that is to take them both for a ride [Music] [Applause] so you probably know that both of these engines put out 707 horsepower but did you know that you get a whole five more torques onto this one that’s right this one has five less torque than this one why is that I suspect it has to do with packaging [Music] so as you guys probably know we have a long term Hellcat back in Colorado so I’m about as familiar with this car as you can be with any car since we’ve been driving it for over a year now and of course the difference between the wide-body Hellcat and the regular Hellcat is that it’s got fatter tires on the back which means that you can put the power down more readily it doesn’t mean that you can put the power down easily 707 horsepower is still so much power think about it it’s just a little bit less than a 740 horsepower lamborghini aventador and all that for under a hundred thousand but the point is it still has so much power that even in this wide bodied variant it’s hard to keep the power to the ground right there right there it was struggling you could feel the tires losing grip you can see the traction control system kicking in and I was already doing 20 miles now when I floored it when that supercharger lights up those rear tires you better hang on for dear life and that is a good thing about the track hawk because now you’re not letting up just the rears but you’re letting up all four so you can actually put all that power to the ground of course the Jeep has this yep that’s right it’s not just the back door but it’s also a backseat that you can live with it also has a hatch this is a much more practical car and in the winter with all-wheel drive it’s actually going to be drivable whereas that wide bodied Hellcat that is going to be a goat on ice anytime the snow falls [Music] [Applause] there are three facts about the jeep they’re mind-blowing number one this is the most expensive Jeep that’s ever been built at just under $100,000 if you get all the bells and whistles it ain’t cheap number two it’s the fastest Jeep that’s ever been built it’s not quite at 200 miles an hour and top speed but nevertheless like the Hellcat it is extremely fast and number three it’s the least popular the jeep ever built this is not one that’s going to take out anything more than maybe a dusty road or a snowy road you will never take this down the Rubicon Trail not with these big tires and with this low ground clearance that’s not what this is about so which of these two do you think looks better I mean they’re both pretty badass let me give you an analogy the jeep that’s a guy who walks into the bar takes his leather jacket off and flexes his muscles the hellcat wide-body that’s the guy who walks into the bar looks you in the face and punches you in the face and walks out this car has a lot more Road presence and a lot more attitude so there is no doubt in my mind that looks wise I’d go with the wide-body Hellcat [Music] [Applause] [Music] both of these vehicles are batshit you know what it make no sense but thank God that FCA built them because sometimes the most fun you can have is in vehicles that make no real practical sense this healthcare is of course the ultimate muscle car today the Ford Mustang and especially the Camaro have become all-out sports cars but not this Hellcat go around these turns not very happy it would prefer a drag strip it would prefer straight-line acceleration now you might be wondering which of these two would be faster down the quarter mile I’ve actually asked the FDA engineers this question and you might actually want to answer what happens is that out of the starting gate the track hock of course has better grip so it’s prints ahead but because it’s so much heavier over the quarter mile the Hellcat will eventually not only catch up to it but surpass it for a quicker quarter mile time so at a drag strip even though the track hawk is much faster off the line this Hellcat will always let’s talk about fuel economy because that’s a data point that a lot of buyers use when making their buying decision and the fact is if you’re thinking about economy you shouldn’t be looking at either of these two cars the hellcat has a $1300 gas guzzler tax on top of its already substantial price and the Jeep because it’s so heavy doesn’t have a gas guzzler tax so perhaps the only data point that might be of any relevance is the fact that that one is gonna cost 1300 more because it guzzles gas this one also guzzles gas [Music] this is a freaking fast beast is it as good and as much fun as a wide-body Hellcat that’s the question and that’s the question I’ve been struggling with the reason I’ve been struggling with it is because you think it’s kind of the best of both worlds right you get the supercharged Hellcat engine and you get all-wheel drive so you can put all that power down you get practicality for your family you get ability to tow but and this is a big but for me it’s a little to say that as God’s own laughter comes out the tailpipes it’s a little too subdued the Hellcat is just really raw really angry and really beautiful the Jeep on the other hand this is a much more subtle car this has some baked in practicality now in terms of how does it handle let’s face it both of these cars are better and more suited to the drag strip than they are to carving corners but having said that this beep has so much capability and so much power that you’re always gonna be breaking the law if you take it to the point where it actually starts to in any way struggle let’s face it do you know that the wide-body Hellcat has a towing capacity of exactly 0 that’s right whereas the track Hawk until seventy seven hundred pounds so if you plan on doing any towing you might want to consider the track hawk and of course most importantly there is a one thing that you can do in the wide-body Hellcat that you can’t do in the track Hawk and let’s face it this one thing is really what muscle cars are all about you know what I’m talking about well let me show you and by the way guys on here just outside of Portland Oregon as part of the automotive video awards the a DA’s where we’re taking the best performance crossover and the best performance sedan to this one win it I don’t know yet we’ll find out you guys probably know that I live in Colorado and of course in Colorado we get tons of snow so there is no doubt in my mind there if it were my money I would get the wide-body Hellcat yeah that’s right why because that car has so much road presence you know I couldn’t want to be the guy that walks out of the bar with the girl and I kind of feel like that’s a guy that I could be as always this is rhomin reporting for the fast lane car check out TfL car comm for more news views and of course real world reviews and of course guys I’m not talking about like smacking somebody in the face I walk in the bar and I would of course charm the girl and then cheat see the car and well you know what I’m doing [Music]


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