Cat With a Swollen Paw | The Incredible Dr. Pol

[ominous music playing] TOM: Buddy. [cat growling] We kind of called him Charles
because of Charles Manson. [hissing] He brings back
a lot of animals– mice, birds. He’s kind of an
indoor-outdoor cat. NARRATOR: Charles’s recent
hunt didn’t go so well. TOM (VOICEOVER): He was
out for a couple of days, and he came back
with a swollen leg. Oh, my goodness. Whoa. TOM (VOICEOVER): The
swelling was unbelievable. I didn’t think a cat
paw could get that big. DR. POL: Where
did he get caught? He has a very swollen paw,
and he can’t walk on it. I can’t find where he got bit. Let me take his temperature,
and go from there. He was gone for how many days? TOM: About two. Hey. I know it’s embarrassing,
but it doesn’t hurt. Not at– [cat screeches] Oh, he thinks it does. Watch it. Tried to take his temperature,
but that’s embarrassing, and he won’t let me. So we just put our
attention on the paw. Nothing is broke. This is going to break through. Most likely we have
an abscess in there. I kind of figured it was
an infection of some sort. I mean, he had only been
gone for a couple of days, so it came on real fast. DR. POL: You see
all his toenails? No, they’re not gone. They’re all swollen up. I think that it is. Hold still, Big Boy. That’s where he got bit. That must have been a coon or
something, not another tomcat. I don’t know what he did,
and how he got his paw stuck in somebody else’s
jaw, but there’s a lot of infection around there. In the meantime, he’s going
to be on antibiotics very heavy. And don’t let him out,
because he needs it. TOM: Yeah. I think we can give
him pills, can’t we? We’re going to try. OK. This is how you do it. Just hold him, squeeze, open
up, drop it in there, [blows] and blow. [laughing] You got big hands. You can do it. That was good. Clean it up, let it break
through, and put the cat on antibiotics to make him better. DR. POL: When there’s
a hole coming there, flush it with peroxide. Soaking in Epsom
salt would help, but I’m not going to
see if that’s possible. Put a big tumbler or something– TOM: Yeah. DR. POL: –and just
stick his foot in there. Outlook for Charlie
the cat is very good. You know, he’s got nine lives. He didn’t use one-half
on this one yet. It happens all the
time, and they heal up. It just takes a
little bit of time. [meow] [laughs] TOM: It feels good. He’s done a great job. Looking forward to him
being able to be out and running around
like he normally does.

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