Causes and Simple Remedies for Red Eyes

Causes and Simple Remedies for Red Eyes Red eyes, or eye congestion, can be caused by several different things. Allergies, continued computer exposure, or even touching your eyes with dirty hands could cause this painful reality, which is quite common. Prevention and healthy habits regarding your vision are essential, which is why we want to provide a few simple remedies for this condition. below. There are a lot of plants that can help treat. You could go to a pharmacy and buy any sort of eye drops, but its never bad to know what Mother Nature can do for you. Knowing the properties and the ways to use a lot of natural remedies could become extremely useful whenever you need help. So lets get to know a little bit more about it. Why do we get red eyes?. You need to understand that, before applying any sort of eye drops or remedy, you must know what it is thats causing your eye inflammation. Not knowing the origin could make the situation even worse. Lets take a look at some possible causes:. An eye infection. This has definitely happened to you at least once before: Pain, irritation, a red color tainting the whites of your eyes…the danger involved with eye infections is that it could develop into conjunctivitis, and quickly spread from one eye to another. But, how do the eyes become infected?. Infections are caused by external agents, by small metal objects for example, elements in nature that you could be allergic to, like pollen or tree dust, or even dirt in the air. You should also keep in mind that hand cleanliness plays a part in this, as you could easily scratch your eyes when your hands are dirty. You should also remember that using contact lenses could cause serious eye damage. Being careful of how you handle them and using them at appropriate times, is absolutely indispensable for keeping your eyes healthy. Very dry eyes. Some people cant moisturize their eyes well. They then dry out and become more sensitive to the environment, they are more heavily impacted by the elements, and end up with severe congestion. Your eyes may not receive enough of this indispensable moisture because of some diseases. Your doctor is always who will be able to give you an appropriate Diagnosis. Exposure to computer screens. This is also another one of the most common causes of red eyes. Light from these devices – including cell phones – is very harmful for the eyes. They become irritated, overworked, and even lose their sharpness…it is absolutely necessary that you take small breaks when working on the computer. Little sleep. Does this surprise you? Lack of sleep could cause very serious eye congestion. Knowing that, it also causes bags under eyes. Sleeping less than what you need also lowers defenses, making you more vulnerable to infections. Your body wont be as well oxygenated, the body doesnt feel good, and its quite normal to wake up with red eyes. Im sure this has happened to you sometime before. Remedies for caring for and treating your eyes. 1, Natural rest for your eyes. Whenever youve been up all night with insomnia, or if you havent slept very well, one simple remedy for alleviating inflammation in your eyes is to use cold and warm compresses on your eyes. Moisten a small towel with very fresh water, and leave them on your face, over your eyes. Then, do the same this with the towel, on the other eye. Moisten the towel in warm water – not hot. This activates circulation in the eyes. 2, Witch hazel infusion. A very simple remedy. All you need to do is make an infusion with hamamelis leaves. Once the cup has steeped for a while, moisten a cotton ball with it and leave it on the affected eye for a few seconds. This will moisten your affected eye with the infusion. Witch hazel is the best plant for treating red eyes. 3, Carrot slices. Carrot is perfect for eye congestion. Its properties have always been great for caring for the eyes, so do not miss this opportunity to try this remedy. Boil one carrot in water, cut off two thin slices and place them over your eyes for 10 minutes. Repeat this step three times a day, cutting new carrot slices. This will help greatly to reduce congestion and inflammation.

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