Causes Of Eye Strain | Five signs of eye to be careful

Five signs of eye to be careful. For many people, eyes are one of the essential
organs for sending everyday life, so it may be overworked without knowing it. Modern we live surrounded by various kinds
of electronic equipment which increases the risk of deterioration of visual acuity and
eye disorder by using for a long time . For example, keeping watching a computer screen
for a long time can cause eye strain. In addition, as a sign of poor physical condition
or some sickness , something strange may appear in the eyes . In order to maintain visual acuity as much
as possible and to prevent serious symptoms it is important to pay attention to everyday
life habits and take countermeasures such as consultation at a hospital soon after feeling
something unusual in the eyes is. In this video, we will introduce the symptoms
of five kinds of eyes which should not be overlooked. 1. Blurred eyes: There are many people who complain of blurred
vision. Simply, blurring of eyes may occur due to
foreign objects such as dust entering the eyes, but even more serious symptoms and diseases
such as cataracts may cause blurred vision. Cataract is a disease that is frequently seen
in the elderly, but there is a possibility that it develops regardless of age. 2. White eyes turn yellow: When white eyes are yellowed, many are associated
with a liver malfunction . When an abnormality occurs in the liver, the
amount of bilirubin in the blood becomes excessive, and it turns into a state called jaundice
where the white eyes and the skin become yellow . 3. My eyes are shaky:
If you rise suddenly from the bed and rise suddenly, blood pressure temporarily decreases,
you may get dizzy, eyes become stingy, stars may be visible. Asthenopia also causes eye
irritation. However, apart from such temporary symptoms
, some diseases, such as glaucoma , retinal detachment and the like, may cause eye irritation
at unpredictable timing. 4. Eyelid falls, depressed: It is quite common for wrinkles to develop
in the eyelids as the skin gets stiff as the age progresses . Also, even when the skin
is not nourished, the skin including eyelids may sag. However, irrespective of age, symptoms such
as “eyelid ptosis” may occur that the eyelids go down and the eyes become difficult to open. Although there are various causes, there are
times when the eyelids go down due to some disease such as a cerebral aneurysm. 5. Blurred vision:
If you are overworking your eyes, continuing to watch mobile phones and computer screens
for a long time, or exposing your eyes to excessive brightness , eye strain may occur
and visibility may be blurred. However, something else may cause blurred
vision. For example, even if the field of vision is
normally normal, sometimes it suddenly becomes narrow and the eyes become blurred, the eye
may be inflamed. Also, cataracts and other diseases can cause blurred vision. As a more serious situation, suddenly if you
can not see anything for a few minutes, there are also possibilities of symptoms related
to cerebral blood vessels . If you have anxious symptoms, do not leave
it as it is, let’s see a doctor at the hospital .


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