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The Ear Auricle, Eardrum (tympanic membrane), External Auditory Canal, Ceruminous glands, Auditory Tube, Elastic Cartilage, Semicircular Canals, Vestibule Cochlea, Auditory Ossicles, Malleus, Incus, Stapes, Vestibulocochlear Nerve Hi i’m Minh Van Tran professor of biology
at college today we’re covering the Anatomy of the ear let’s take a look at
this model. The ear model from here to Here is the extenternal ear. This part is
called the middle ear. In here This region the Inner Ear. Now let’s go over
detail of the external ear here is the Auricule, this tube like structure is the external auditory canal This structure is called the tympanic membrane or eardrum. The external ear direct itself into The middle ear and take a look at the
tympanic membrane again A semi-transparent structure on top of the
tympanic membrane visible called the Malleus next to that is the Incus and
then the Stapes. I’m going to show you The much larger model. Of the three
balls are called the three auditory Ossicles. The medias, the Incus, and Stapes for me to learn Iuse the M.I.S the MIS so
starting from the Malleus sitting on top of the Tympanic membrane, the middle is the Incus and
the Stapes with very special features you can see the head and the
base. The base look like oval shaped. Three bones are the smallest ones in our body. You may
want to see this: Malleus, Incus, Stapes M.I.S (Malleus. Incus. Stapes) so here you taken Into all the auditory tube allows pressure
equalization the oval window is at the base of the Stapes and you want to
find a round window to directly inferior to the Stapes here is a round window The inner ear includes the semi circle
canal, the Vestibule, the Cochlear Cochlear. Snout shaped structure. They’re two
substructures of the Vestibule You have to open it up. Ok, you see here the upper U-shape is
the utricle “U” utricle upward. Down here Is the Saccule both together is called
the vestibule responsible for Equilibrium you see the branch of nerve
here it is the Vestibular branch. Now the Cochlear you want to see this spiral organ
or the organ up called time inside their receptors for hearing And the branch of nerves here is called
the Cochlear branch so both togther You have the vestibulocochlear nerve the eigth
cranel external ear here to here include the Oracle external auditory canal to
panic men trained mental ear auditory ossicles three bulbs manias incus and
stapes over window and the days of the safeties right right below the over
window is a round window on injury to in a semi-circle canals that stable
cochlear the video consists of cuticle apart u-shape sexual cochlear now shape structure spiral all
in organic cotton receptors for hearing here the stable branch Coakley branch will
together that’s doable cochlear nerve together that’s the google co cleaner
the eighth cranial ok are all external auditory canal eardrop can
panic membrane serving this auditory to elastic cartilage auditory possible
semi-circular canal the vestibule okay he wants to be local your nerve semi-circular canals Queen Bess to be
local teardrop can panic membrane auditory
ossicles nails inc stepping semi circle canals wants to be concrete
mr. below cockney America yeah rball eardrum competitive mode .
external auditory canal Sarah minutes elapsed auditory to elastic cartilage
semi-circular canals vestibule coke with auditory ossicles middle-income students
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