Chavali Chi Usal | Black Eyed Peas Masala | Maharashtrian Usal | Recipe by Smita Deo in Marathi

Namaste! Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani
with Smita! Cowpeas (chavali) are easy to cook and taste
amazing with the addition of few masalas! So, today let’s prepare ‘Chavali Usal’! I have here 1 and a 1/2 cup cowpeas. I soaked it overnight and so it has doubled now. Now, let’s cook them in a pressure cooker. Let’s add some water to it. Approximately 1 litre water and 1 spoon salt.. ..and cook it for 4 to 5 whistles. Now, let’s prepare the masala paste
made using coconut and onion. So, let’s take 1 medium sized onion,
chopped lengthwise and roast it till brown. Onion is turning brown, let’s add 3 tbsp
freshly grated coconut to it and roast well. Make sure to roast grated coconut
till it turns brown, crunchy enough. This is nicely done now. Now, let it cool down and later grind
it in the mixer and prepare the paste. After the mixture cools down. Let’s add little water and
grind it once again. We have to make fine paste out of it. Masala paste is ready. This is half a cup paste, approximately. Now, for the gravy let’s heat 2 tbsp oil. And now, let’s add 1 big finely chopped
onion to the oil. Stir fry the onion till it turns golden brown. Onion has changed in color,
let’s add 1 tsp ginger paste to it.. ..and 1 tsp garlic paste and fry it. Now, let’s add half a tsp turmeric powder.. ..1 and a half tsp chilli powder.. ..1 tsp Goda Masala.. ..and finally 1 tbsp garam masala. Now, let’s add 1 medium sized
finely chopped tomato.. ..and stir fry the mixture till it releases oil. It has released oil, let’s add the masala paste
we prepared and fry it for 2 minutes. We had kept cowpeas to cook
in the mixer for 4 whistles, it’s done.. ..and the cooker too has cooled down,
so let’s check once if cowpeas are cooked well. Cowpeas are cooked well. Let’s add them to the gravy paste. Mix it well and then let it come to a boil. We have already added the salt but check if
you need more and add it again, as per your liking. No more salt is needed. Let’s cover it with a lid and let it
cook for around 2 to 3 minutes. Usal is nicely cooked and ready to eat! Usal is considered to be nutritious. Instead of cowpeas you can add boiled
black gram or sprouted moth beans. And it can be best enjoyed with
hot bhakri or chapati! So, do try this recipe and subscribe
to Ruchkar Mejwani!


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