Chicago Med – Idiots Like You (Episode Highlight)

– Help!
We need a doctor! Help! – She–she’s having
some kind of fit. – She’s seizing.
Get me some suction. – Got it.
– Ativan. .05 mgs per kilogram IV.
– Right. – Oh, my baby… [tense music] ♪ – Oh, my God.
– Oxygen. – [breathing heavily] I can’t stand
to see her like this. Isn’t there anything else
you can do for her? – Lauren,
we are doing everything that we can for her, okay? We’ll be back to check
on her again soon. ♪ – Uh, Dr. Manning?
– Yes? – A couple of weeks ago, we visited my sister
and the baby and my son, Ben, he, um–
he had a little bit of a cold. But that–that couldn’t
cause this, right, the–the whooping cough? – No, not if it was
just a cold. – Okay. – A mild case of whooping cough
can present as a cold, but I’m assuming that
your son is vaccinated? ♪ Wendy? – He isn’t. – Then yes, your sister’s baby could’ve caught this
from your son. – Oh, my God. – Has your son had any of
his childhood inoculations? – No, my husband
doesn’t believe in it. ♪ – Not this one?
– Excuse me? Can I talk to you? – Yeah. ♪ – So, your wife tells me
that Ben hasn’t had any of his childhood
vaccinations. – Oh, God, here we go.
Really? You had to tell her? You know how these
people think, honey. – Yeah, I had to tell her. – If you notice, Doctor,
our son is doing just fine. – Yeah, maybe he’s just fine, but your niece is in there
with whooping cough, most likely because of him, because of you.
– You don’t know that. – That baby is
suffering horribly. She could die.
– Aaron? – Look…I’m sorry, but I have to do
what I think is right. I have to protect my son. – Oh, you think
you’re protecting him? Do you have any idea
how dangerous an E.D. is for a child without immunity? Do not assume that there aren’t
more idiots like you out there. – Excuse me? – And who knows
what these kids might have: measles, mumps, polio. Get your son out of here. I’m serious. Get your son out of here now. – Ben, come on, let’s go. – Dad…
– Now, come on. ♪ Let’s go.
– I’m staying with Lauren. – Wendy? – But, honey,
go with your dad, okay? I’ll be home
as soon as I can. – Okay. [solemn music] ♪


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