Chicago Med – The Most Gratifying Day (Episode Highlight)

– Natalie? – It looks like Liz’s phone,
Owen’s nanny. [watch chimes] [apprehensive music] ♪ Owen? – Mommy! – There she is. [uplifting music] ♪ – How? – Once they found the shooter,
I had Jay make some calls. Owen and Liz,
they were at the park. They ran as soon as
they heard the gunfire and left everything behind
and got to the 51st District. ♪ – Great work today, Dr. Choi. – Thanks. – So much blood. I can still smell
the iron in the air. [exhales] You okay? – Still shaking. Crazy thing is,
it’s the most gratifying day I’ve ever had as a doctor… [soft, solemn music] But I don’t know what to feel. ♪ – Emily stepped up. – Yeah. Yeah, she did. ♪


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